Why I am switching to Mac.

September 20, 2008

My friend and the beloved benefactor of this blog said to me, “E, you know what is so great about Mac now that I have switched? It is just that it works. Like, all the time.”

Brilliant! Being a Windows user reminds me a little bit of being chronically ill. You just gradually don’t feel well, and you lose track of what it even means to feel well. Until Vista, it was just like it was normal for your new computer to take weeks of call to support centers and searching on forums to try to get it to work. And, you just got used to the fact that it took ten minutes to start up. And shut down. It would lock up here and there. But you just tried to save often, and hope for the best.

And then Vista came along, and it was like that step in chronic illness before you finally realize that it is the last straw and you start making the rounds to specialists – ten minutes becomes a 20 minute start up. You start to wonder if you really need your computer to consistently connect to the internet – maybe you can write emails off line and send them when things finally connect. And it does cut down on procrastinating on facebook if you can’t get on the internet….

But, in the end, you realize the time has come. To say goodbye to your old life. Your old ways.

Mac rumors tells me that the new Mac Book Air will come out October 14. Until then, it i just me and my little Dell chugging along with Windows, hoping that things work, that my computer will connect to the internet, that I can toggle two windows at once without everything freezing.

Microsoft is apparently spending millions of dollars in a rebranding campaign, but I wonder if maybe they should have spent that hiring computer programmers that could, you know, make an operating system that allows people like me who mostly listen to music, use an internet browser, type papers, and use email to be able to do that on their new operating system without misery and pain. You know, build something that just works.

Here I come Steve Jobs.