Actual Candles on the Christmas Tree and the Swan Castle

January 9, 2007

This is my partner and his sister LIGHTING the Christmas tree – as in with candles and actual fire. Everyone thought I was being overly dramatic when I suggested what fire hazard this is. EVERYONE does it, they said. Oh, that makes me feel better. I bet the rate of house fires in Germany increases a lot during the holiday season. But it does look nice.  (Note that when I imported my blog from Blogger to WordPress somehow the pictures and captions didn’t line up correctly and I haven’t the time/expertise to fix them all, so they are just going to not match. You can figure it out, though, I’m sure.  Thanks and sorry – E)

Waterfall in Fussen, Germany

This is the castle that the Disneyworld Castle is based on. It doesn’t look that impressive here, but it is with a better camera and positioning.

I Bet Your Mom Can’t Do This

November 29, 2006

Justice, Peace, Compassion, and Care for the Environment. Who would’a thought you could say all that in a stole?

Still Available to Loving, Indoor Homes

November 9, 2006

Olivia and Phineas would like to go together and Theo and Emerson. Adoption fee applies – adoption through Second Chance Shelter in Jamaica Plain. (Note that when I imported my blog from Blogger to WordPress somehow the captions and pictures did not line up correctly and I don’t have the time/expertise to fix them.  Sorry about that.)

All the kittens together

Phineas after rolling in some catnip

Olivia the princess

Theo and Emerson taking a nap

Emerson Upclose

Phineas is sick :(

October 13, 2006

Our little foster kitten Phineas was sick when we got him – eye problems and his whiskers had fallen out and littler than his brothers and lethargic. We treated him with antibiotics and eye drops and his eye got a little better, but it is not all the way better and the situation is not looking good. He needs to see an cat ophthalmologist but even the diagnostics seem to be amazingly expensive and the shelter we foster Phineas through is running low on money. The doctor said that the worst case scenario is that he might have to have his eye removed, and it is questionable whether or not he can actually even see out of it, or if he will be able to in the future. Poor little guy. I was thinking about what to do about it, but it seems difficult to have a fundraiser or people donate money for ONE kitten, while lots of people go without essential healthcare. But he is just one of the sweetest cats ever. Ever. Say a little prayer for him…

By Popular Demand: Kittens

September 21, 2006

A loyal reader requested more pictures of our little foster kittens, so here they are. If you are in the Greater Boston area and want two very sweet kittens, we have six for you to choose from… They were all found on the streets in Boston and our shelter is currently quite overun with late-summer kittens thus the reason we have so many. And just the right timing, too, as school and work starts for both W. and I. But duty calls. They said that the little guys would have to be put back out on the street if we couldn’t take them because so many of the foster homes are full…. Now for introductions…..

(Note that when this blog was imported from Blogger to WordPress the picture captions and pictures didn’t/don’t line up correctly and I’m not sure how to fix it. Sorry about that.)

This is Olivia – Long haired and very very sweet.

These are the three brothers – Phineas, Emerson (as in Ralph Waldo Emerson), and Theo. Theo is also the one looking up at the camera. Phineas is by far the smallest and might be a little sick. He’ll go to the vet this week to find out why most of his whiskers have fallen out and why he is more tired than the others.

This is Emerson and Phineas hanging out on some nice freshly folded pants. Right before I took this, Emerson was cleaning Phineas like a good big brother.

This is Edgar – Olivia’s brother – sleeping next to his litter box after a long day of playing. They have a sister named Quinn, but she is not a fan of pictures. More to come soon after she relaxes a little bit.

Loving those curves?

September 20, 2006

Okay. This is Scarlett Johansson. An actress. I saw a headline today that said:

Despite Media’s Efforts to Crush Her Confidence, Scarlett Still Likes Her Curvy Body

The first line of the blurb reads, “After having spent the last few years being plopped on magazine covers with headlines like, “Look Great at ANY Size!” Scarlett Johansson still loves her curves.”

Not knowing exactly what she looked like, I assumed she was a bigger actress. Clearly (see photo) she is not “bigger.” I mean, okay, she has curves, but she has probably size 6 curves. This is the person whom the media portrays as big(ish)? I just hate it that when you look like Ms. J. here, this somehow equals curvy which used to mean slightly rounder. Or just rounder, period. This is still skinny to me. Not sickly skinny, but still pretty darn small. The articles that quote Johansson as “loving her curves” essentially are saying, “Wow, that is so great that she has the confidence to still like her body the way it is,” as if it should somehow look different in order to be really worthy of self-confidence. Someone this size should not be “plopped on magazine covers that say ‘Look great at any size!'” Wow, you can even look great if you are a size 6. Now I feel much better. How ’bout you all?

Goddess save us.

Meet Ralph Waldo Emerson

September 12, 2006

This is him. He moved in with us yesterday with his brothers Theo and Finnius who are both black too. But Emerson, as we call him, is the biggest and scaredest and tries to be the most ferocious. More pictures to come. They were found as strays in Newton. The woman who we got them from portrayed them as wild monsters and we were afraid they were going to be bad biters, but they aren’t at all. Emerson scratches, but Finnius mostly shivers and looks scared and his two bigger brothers cuddle him and protect him. We got a little light that gives off heat and put it over a little kitten bed – that’s where they slept last night. Finnius may already have a potential home, but Theo and Emerson will go as a pair if you are thinking of adopting two beautiful black kittens. They will probably be ready in a few weeks. Finnius needs to to go the doctor – he has no eye whiskers and it looks like his face whiskers have fallen out and are growing back in. And one eye is not looking good. We hope he will be just fine, but not clear at this point….