Why are U.S. Americans so religious?

May 21, 2006

Does anyone know a good article or book (or several) that explains why U.S. Americans are so religious/Christian (for instance, as compared to Europe which is so secular)? I’m sure I could find some, but I’m wondering if there are ones people know of that are actually good or accepted as pretty on-target. I know, I know. I’m in divinity school and should know this. But I don’t.

Sorry, Nothing Uplifting Yet

April 5, 2006

But now that the BBC site is back up we find that the bird flu has been found in German poultry. Not long before it is here in the old USA. How are you preparing for the bird flu? It is always good to have 14 days worth of food and water in your house anyway. If (or perhaps I should say when) the bird flu becomes the human flu, it appears that most people believe that they should not go out. Including to work. Which might be a reasonable thing to think. You won’t find me out and about when the chance of contracting this thing seems to be even a little likely. However, I work at a church and not for the just-in-time system that gets groceries to our store, gas to the gas stations, and all that sort of stuff. But, studies show that many who DO work in these sorts of very important jobs might find it best not to go to work either. And this will mean a serious disruption in our just-in-time system. So even if you would LIKE to go out and get groceries and refuse to be scared into staying in your house (akin to people who refuse to leave their homes even if a hurricane appears to be coming) it may not matter because there may not be food on the shelves. So stock up on those yummy canned foods, pastas, and, my favorite, those thai lemongrass chili soups that you just have to add hot water too. And get some jugs of water too. It can’t hurt and then you won’t have to borrow food from my stockpile.

Read the article about the bird flu coming to Germany here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4879480.stm

p.s. Call me crazy, but with mad cow and the bird flu, it seems like we could solve a lot of problems by not mass-farming animals, ehh? Just an idea. But that is another post.

Stop me.

March 28, 2006

Really, I have to stop myself from posting many times a day. Give someone an audience (even if it is only my supervising minister and my mom to this point) and she goes wild. But, I just visited kblog and her description is below. I just thought it was such a nice descirption that I thought it would share it. I espeically liked the part about cats. Oh, you ask about why I like the part about cats? Give me time, and you will get to meet my four sweeties who teach me wonderful things each day, mostly, how important cuddling is. Along with taking naps. And the importance of just being. But I’ll stop on the cats for now. Here is the blog description I liked so well.

This is a blog about trying to live out the best of intentions and live up to the greatest of hopes even when intentions are not enough and hope is in too short supply. Aspirations, inspiration, politics, principles, philosophy, religion, sprituality, culture, kids and cats and anything else that is or may become important to me.

If You are New

March 28, 2006

Just a note that if you are just joining Elizabeth’s Little Blog you can scroll down to the first two posts for directions on posting comments and for the introduction.

Just saw this article in The New York Times “Bush Was Set on Path to War, British Memo Says.” I thought of several sarcastic comments that I could say to follow this ever-so-revelatory article, but I’ll simple leave the link for folks to visit if you are so inclined and you can draw your own conclusions.

Also found this blog today by a UU minister that explores sexuality and religion as the main topic of the blog. Reminds me that I hope to do more posting on indecent theology (the topic of a sermon which went over well at FUUSM a month or so ago).

In the meantime, enjoy the lovely almost-spring weather.

Introduction — The First Post

March 20, 2006

Greetings! I have thought a lot about having a blog but hesitated because I wondered what I would say? Who would read it (besides my parents)? Then, this morning as I was preparing to write my student minister intern column for the newsletter I thought “I know who might read it!” My wonderful congregation in Middleboro! Also, I thought that this might be a great place to easily post sermons and to discuss ideas about sermons or other things going on in the life of our community.

While I hope this is a place to share thoughts, events, etc. this is not an official First Unitarian Universalist Society of Middleboro blog and the things I post here represent me — Elizabeth — not the congregation where I am an student intern minister and not Unitarian Universalism as a whole. I reserve the right to remove comments that are disrespectful or that just don’t fit or are inappropriate, although I can’t imagine that being a danger. Okay, well that’s the introduction. I will try to post interesting things here that are of interest to FUUSM, but also relevant to Unitarian Universalism, liberal religion, social justice… and maybe some things relevant to crafty things I like to do, cats (of which I have four), international relations issues, theology, and other interests of mine that I find *might* be interesting to others. Above all, I know my mom and dad and Wolfgang (my partner) will read this so at least there will be a crowd of four of us. I welcome all others who might be interested as well! Many smiles, Elizabeth