Thank you Reese Witherspoon

June 21, 2006

I know it is a sad day when this picture of Reese Witherspoon makes me happy (ignore the bottom one – I couldn’t detach them). She looks, well, not starved or sickly which seems to be so rare these days for famous women. I hope bodies like this come back into style or even maybe bodies like the painting below. I hate to think of all the girls and women who think they are big or too big or not little enough because they aren’t a size 1. Yay for Venus and Reese.


And You Thought You Were Messed Up

April 22, 2006

I’m sorry to venture into celebrity news here, but when taking a break from sermon writing I browse the internet and today I just happened upon People and saw this picture of Donald Trump and his new wife and a poor child. I’m sorry, but does this look like a new happy family? They aren’t smiling. It looks like DT is sort of snarling a little, but that does not count. Cut DT and the baby out and she looks like she could be in a Victoria’s Secret ad. We haven’t had a TV for about five years so I haven’t seen this show with Trump firing people, but I’ve been shocked by its popularity. I mean, he seems so creepy. And I think he looks just as creepy. Just like this weirdo family picture. This poor child could never ever turn out normal. Okay, back to writing on healing. I just had to share that.