Ever considering giving up/reducing meat? Great article to think it through.

February 23, 2010

I thought this is one of the best article on vegetarian questions/issues in a good while. I love how chill he is, how not arrogant.
Interview with Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Eating Animals at The Atlantic

Hat tip to CT for sharing the link (on the blog of Rev. Scott Wells where he blogs Lent, Google, Animals, and Meat).

Healing Thoughts for Henry

July 5, 2009

Henry is the kitty of one of my dearest friends. I was there the day he was adopted. I adopted our Gustav the same day. Henry fell suddenly ill this week and it is not getting much better. I’m sure he would appreciate healing energy from all the cat lovers out there.

Get well soon, Mr. H.


A Hard Winter for Animals

December 16, 2008

Here is an article in the Globe that deals with the issue of shelters being overrun (and adoptions being down) due to the economy. This relates to my post just a few days ago about little ways that you can help shelters struggling during this time.

A Free Way to Help Others This Holiday Season

December 14, 2008

(Scroll down for bolded text to get to the gist of this message! And the free way to help…)

So, no-kill (and probably those that also euthanize animals) are being totally overrun in recent months. As people struggle to feed and care for the human members of their families and lose their homes, they are increasingly unable or unwilling to care for their animal companions. Donations are down to shelters. It is harder and hard to adopt cats and kittens OUT to families to make room for more (we have had four kittens since April that we cannot find suitable homes for). There is no room at the “inn” at all for many animals, but also no manger for them either. It is so difficult to watch for those that run and volunteer for these shelters that already operate on a shoestring budget and zillions of unpaid hours by people who really and truly give up big parts of a normal existence in order to care for abandoned animals. We do a little bit, but it is really quite little.

Of course, it is hard for many of us to give more money or time. But, for those that do Chrsitmas shopping online, there are ways to funnel a bit of money to these organizations. Animal Umbrella is a shelter in Revere, MA that kindly took three 15 year old cats from us that we rescued from a woman’s house who left town and left her five cats behind to freeze to death (you might remember reading about it a few years ago on this blog). We found a home for one of the kitties, kept for a year and a half Marisol the attack cat who was finally adopted by a kind and loving woman in New Hampshire who wanted to rescue an otherwise unrescuable kitty, and Animal Umbrella took J.R., Goldie and Mama Calico even though they were already truly overun by cats in a small area. Of course, you can imagine it is hard to find homes for very elderly cats. Someone from the shelter actually adopted them shortly after they moved in because they were so sweet.

Anyway, I realized that Animal Umbrella has a link to amazon.com on their website where they get a small percentage of all of our amazon purchases, and this is where we buy significant portions of our books (we buy a lot of books, as a student and professor) and we also buy many Christmas gifts here.

I bookmarked this link which automatically always links directly to amazon but with the code of the Animal Umbrella so they get some of (y)our purchases. So there is no extra work to do. Also, if you shop at other places online, you can register for igive here and part of your purchase price will go to Animal Umbrella. This lovely shelter operates on such a shoestring that seriously cents matter. So don’t think it doesn’t make a difference! This shelter is especially sweet in that they just can’t say no even if they are out of room. Which is sweet, but also causes a host of other challenges, so they are particularly in need of help.

If you feel like writing a check or gifting someone with a donation to a shelter, we volunteer for Second Chance Shelter in Jamaica Plain, MA and this is another small shelter all-volunteer run (just like Animal Umbrella) that is truly amazing. The person who runs the shelter really has dedicated her life (and her house – she turned her house into a shelter when she married/moved in with her husband) to loving and saving cats.

You can send donations, litter coupons, litter, toys, cat medicine, towels, food, to: Second Chance Shelter, 675 VFW Parkway #266, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467.

Anyway, just some thoughts. I have meant for a while to post something about Heifer International, and will do so soon enough. As you can tell from my lack of blogging, things have been a little hectic lately.

Happy Holidays, all! E

p.s. If you know of other good ways to “donate” without actually paying anything (i.e. clicking through or registering or whatever) feel free to leave in comments.

p.p.s. Isn’t is strange that wordpress spell check flags the word blogging as misspelled? You would think they would add that to the dictionary.

Vegetarianism In the Unitarian Universalist Blogosphere

October 7, 2008

I have taken it upon myself to keep an eye on vegetarianism in the UU blogosphere. Two awesome new posts: one by Peacebang (aka Veggie Vicki) who writes about her first month as a vegetarian and one by Everyday Unitarian who blogs about October as vegetarian awareness month and has a little story about fishing as a child which I can relate to.

Happy Vegetarian Month!

Something Nice (for a change)

September 30, 2008

With all the dire news about the economy and world, and me feeling really quite busy and a little bit overwhelmed with school and work, I am very pleased to sit here and hear our neighbors talking to our cats from their window to the cats in our window. They have just moved into the building next to us and it must not occur to them that we are home (or maybe they don’t care) because they keep going, “Meooowwwww! MEEEE-OOOOOW. Mew mew mew! Hey, there’s another one! Wow, how many cats are there in that house? MEOWWWWW. MEOWWWWW. Mew mew mew. Hey kitty kitty kitty. Meowwwwwww.” It is very cute. Our cats are super impressed.  Except Leo who is hiding. He is shy.

Now back to work.

Murray – April 2007-September 2008 –

September 1, 2008

He was very loved little cuddle bunny who very much enjoyed watching the foster kittens play, being groomed by his best friend Gustav the cat, and eating Papa Johns pizza and as many treats as he could get his paws on. He left us gently this evening at Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston after looking at us and saying (with his eyes), “I’m ready to go, okay?” Wolfgang and I were with him as he felt gently to sleep.