Native of Kentucky and Ohio. Student of Christianity, religion, democracy, sexuality and gender. Lover of animals, my cats, books, my sweet babies, my family, and cozy, warm homes. Interested in how to make the world a more just and loving place, and in trying to be less serious and more fun. I am both amazed and intrigued by the ways that we journey through this life and make sense of it all and envision this (now occasional) blog as place to reflect on all of the above.

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  1. rebeccahennessy says:

    Why don’t we strengthen the Alaska women-against-Palin rally? Surprising. She’s from Alaska and, yet, fully 1,500-plus women came out several days ago to protest her platform.

    I’m in NW Indiana — a short commute from Chicago. We have the month of October.

    Why not?

    Again, Elizabeth, I loved your post. I’d look forward to hearing from you.

    –Becky Hennessy rebhennessy@gmail.com

  2. sophialefroy says:

    Hello, I just wanted to say I really like your about and your most recent blog :) You sound a lot like me, and I like your ideals.

  3. Web Design Blog says:

    Your views match those of mine.

    God Bless

  4. Brenda says:

    I am a 50 year old women enrolled in school which started last night! Our first assignment is to find a blog and write about it. I wanted a topic that was of interest to me and so I typed in “pc versions mac” or something to that effect and it landed me on your page! Well after briefing reading some of your words I was struck with a thought ” I need to retire”! Your website is wonderful and your words on paper are truly inspiring. (so I need to retire to find the time to do my own blog).
    I have only read a few paragraphs and jumped around to your various subjects but just had to write and tell you how much I am enjoying reading your blog. I was reading the paragraph about vegetarianism and had tears in my eyes and my husband said “your crying???”. I have no idea why but it is simply because you have a gift. Keep on writing please and how did your doctorate exam go?

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Brenda, That is so very kind of you to write. Really cheered me up on a not so cheery day (recovering from mouth surgery). I passed my general exams with distinction a year ago October, and I’m months away now from finishing the dissertation. If you ever get to blog writing, I hope you’ll post a link here so I can see what you write.
    Again, your thoughts are so touching and really really appreciated. I have hopes of trying to write at least one post a week (as you can see, things fell off when my son was born and doctoral work picked up at the same time). We shall see.
    Many thanks and much peace,

  6. […] all of all love of all love, peace of all peace, depth of depth so often, in the midst of all we do, as we are washing dishes… sending email… going to work… and doing all the things we do day in and day out, we can forget that our time here on this earth is both a gift and a miracle. do not let us forget. because sooner than we think, a tomorrow will come and it will be our last tomorrow and we will have missed the miracle. we will have emailed, and worked, and complained, and watched tv through the miracle. we will have let the sunrises, the fresh air, the warmth of a bed, the taste of our orange juice, the first snows, and the cricket chirping slip by as we go about doing all of our so important things. we will have let our pain and struggles and our tasks and achievements and our accumulation of things obscure the enchantment and richness that can be life. love of all love, peace of peace, depth of depth – let us find the holy in all that makes up our life. let us slow down. stop doing. and learn to simply be. may we find the holy in our coffee, in the spider whose lovely eight legs carry her effortlessly over her web, in the kiss goodnight, in the hot meal, fuzzy blanket, and in the chill of the dark night air. may we be seekers and makers of the holy. amen and blessed be. Elizabeth’s Little Blog […]

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