Low FODMAP Restaurant Options

January 1, 2013

This will be a list of restaurants that are known to be easy for someone on a low FODMAP diet to eat at, or are accommodating to requests for modification of menu items to meet special dietary needs including low FODMAP diets.

Because I have not been able to find a list like this online, I am making one for others. It will be a slow work in progress and I encourage others to add suggestions in the comments and I will update the master list over time.

If you would like to read more about a low FODMAP diet, Monash University has done the most comprehensive research on this issue and is a good place to start. Kate Scarlata is a Boston-based registered and licensed dietitian who writes a lot of helpful things about the low FODMAP diet. Her blog is another good resource. The website A Little Bit Yummy is also very helpful. She includes a daunting but helpful tip sheet to being able to eat out on a low FODMAP diet.

Asheville, North Carolina

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Novo Dolce gastro pub can be accommodating, although there is not a lot on the menu that is low FODMAP without adjustments. They are not enthusiastic or practiced at dealing with restricted diets, but they will do so in a friendly manner. Note that Next Door Lounge which is an extension of Novo Dolce but with its own menu will not make any adjustments to the menu items at all, even for food allergies or sensitivities so the Next Door menu is a no-go for anyone with anything other than a standard can-eat-anything diet.

Charleston, South Carolina

Nashville, Tennessee

New York City

Lexington, Kentucky

Alfalfa, like most restaurants, does not have a lot of things on the menu that are low FODMAP. That said, they were very helpful about checking on ingredients and adjusting menu items to accommodate a low FODMAP diet. Some options are omelettes, corn tortilla dishes (check on flavorings on meat), rice, and some fruits.

Comments on chains:

Cracker Barrel: Ask for a special diet menu which can give you the list of gluten free options (which is not significant). You can then narrow down from those what doesn’t have onions or garlic (main offenders). Best options seem to be steak or grilled catfish with no spices. The manager also printed us out something that explained what is dairy free, nut free, etc. They tried to be accommodating the there were not a lot of options. Many things are pre-prepared and cannot be adjusted.

Rafferty’s: There is very little that someone on a low FODMAP diet can eat at Rafferty’s because nearly all of their food has garlic. The manager worked with us at the Bowling Green location to identify anything on the menu that was possible but the options are very limited. Try somewhere else if possible.

Last updated June 2016