Learning Things Again and Again

I have started this post five times, and it always feels cliched and obvious each time.

So I will just say it simply even if it is cliched and obvious.

I am amazed at how often we have to relearn the simplest things. Like appreciating what we have. Slowing down. Setting limits. Living simply.

It is in every self-help book and Unitarian Univeralist sermons across the country week in and week out.

On our deathbeds what will we wish we will have spent our time and energy on? Meeting our work deadline? Or soaking up another ten minute play session with our baby and Penelope the pig and Pablo the penguin and the singing bear?

We will be glad we got every last speck of dirt off the floor, or will we wish that that we took another walk and loved the trees and the chipmunk that lives under the stones on the front steps?

Yes, we know. We know. Slow down. Appreciate. Love. Breathe.

But we must relearn these things day in and day out. It is hard to practice the sort of life we long for.

4 Responses to Learning Things Again and Again

  1. Tracey says:

    You are right, it seems like I have to keep refocusing on what is really important. It is hard not to let societal/personal pressures and expectations get to you. I suppose if it was easy, there wouldn’t be so many books and sermons about it ;-)

  2. Diggitt says:

    There is a minimum you have to do just to keep track of things! And there’s a minimum of things you need to keep track of, just to function in today’s world.

    But you’re right. Most of us need to learn and keep on relearning that that minimum really is possible.

  3. Shaya says:

    It doesn’t really come naturally. I wonder if in other cultures if it’s any easier to remember. Or if you live with or around someone who is in the present. But then, we live with and around animals and plants and you have Elijah who all are much more in the present and it doesn’t seem to wash off. Hmmm.

  4. kathy says:

    Great post:)
    I can only find RSS feed for responses, not your blog entries. Help!

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