Clergy Support for Unplanned Pregnancy?

I thought that the Religious Coalition of Reproductive Choice would have a list of clergy or other trained individuals willing to offer support to women and/or families facing an unplanned pregnancy, but I couldn’t find a list. Does such a thing exist anywhere? Or do families who face an unplanned pregnancy but have no church home just have to pick a random church and ask for support/advice?

Update: The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice lists local affiliates here and it seems like families or women could contact those people, but they are rather limited, so I am still happy for any other resources that people know of.

Update II: So, for instance in Ohio, you can call an all-options clergy counseling hotline. This looks super helpful. I wonder if they are available in all states? This is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Perhaps I will try to compile a list of these resources for all states, so if you know of other such resources, this is what I am looking for.

2 Responses to Clergy Support for Unplanned Pregnancy?

  1. Shaya says:

    Sounds almost like an OWL sort of question. How many states is there a clergy hotline for Reproductive Choice? instead of In how many states is it illegal for a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old to have sex?

  2. Arwyn says:

    What a genius idea!

    I also am a fan of the idea of the abortion doula. There is at least one, in NYC, but how amazing it would be to have a list of choice-friendly doulas in every state. The choice-friendly clergy could refer to them as needed, whatever the woman’s decision.

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