Learning Things Again and Again

July 8, 2009

I have started this post five times, and it always feels cliched and obvious each time.

So I will just say it simply even if it is cliched and obvious.

I am amazed at how often we have to relearn the simplest things. Like appreciating what we have. Slowing down. Setting limits. Living simply.

It is in every self-help book and Unitarian Univeralist sermons across the country week in and week out.

On our deathbeds what will we wish we will have spent our time and energy on? Meeting our work deadline? Or soaking up another ten minute play session with our baby and Penelope the pig and Pablo the penguin and the singing bear?

We will be glad we got every last speck of dirt off the floor, or will we wish that that we took another walk and loved the trees and the chipmunk that lives under the stones on the front steps?

Yes, we know. We know. Slow down. Appreciate. Love. Breathe.

But we must relearn these things day in and day out. It is hard to practice the sort of life we long for.

Healing Thoughts for Henry

July 5, 2009

Henry is the kitty of one of my dearest friends. I was there the day he was adopted. I adopted our Gustav the same day. Henry fell suddenly ill this week and it is not getting much better. I’m sure he would appreciate healing energy from all the cat lovers out there.

Get well soon, Mr. H.


Clergy Support for Unplanned Pregnancy?

July 2, 2009

I thought that the Religious Coalition of Reproductive Choice would have a list of clergy or other trained individuals willing to offer support to women and/or families facing an unplanned pregnancy, but I couldn’t find a list. Does such a thing exist anywhere? Or do families who face an unplanned pregnancy but have no church home just have to pick a random church and ask for support/advice?

Update: The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice lists local affiliates here and it seems like families or women could contact those people, but they are rather limited, so I am still happy for any other resources that people know of.

Update II: So, for instance in Ohio, you can call an all-options clergy counseling hotline. This looks super helpful. I wonder if they are available in all states? This is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Perhaps I will try to compile a list of these resources for all states, so if you know of other such resources, this is what I am looking for.