UU Sermons, Articles and Blog Posts on Hope

I am working on a project about the understanding of hope in Unitarian Universalism. It has a more contemporary focus, but draws on older texts too. Do you know of a Unitarian Universalist sermon on hope? An article? Book? Blog post? Something else? Post it in the comments. Link to your blog. Sermon. Or something else. Self-promote!

p.s. If you know of academic literature on hope (theology, philosophy or really anything else) I would love to know about that too.

6 Responses to UU Sermons, Articles and Blog Posts on Hope

  1. Jess says:

    On Best of UU I have a whole bunch of things tagged with “hope” — http://jesspages.net/bestofuu/tag/hope

    I’m hoping to get back to updating that site at some point. . .

  2. I think this is about hope in some ways:

    Click to access WBUUC20090607-WalkTogetherChildren.pdf

    And I have another piece that I’m looking for about gardening and hope….

  3. Oh, it’s called The Growing Season, and it seems that “faith” is the word used, not “hope,” which I always think it’s about. It’s a meditation by Sarah York, formerly Sarah Moores Campbell:


  4. Peggy Clarke says:

    I wrote a sermon recently that you can use. If you’d like it, email me and I’ll send you a copy.

  5. Jane Page says:

    I’m a little late to give input perhaps, but I do have a sermon on HOPE. My sermon page is linked to our church web page which is uustatesboro.org

  6. Peggy Clarke says:

    Are you still looking? I’ve got something if you’d like.

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