Let’s just say that I am working my heart out for McCain…Our Economy can’t survive an Obama presidency.

I was clicking around and ended up here at post about a Sarah Palin rally. And I just love this comment:

Carl says:

Let’s just say that I am working my heart out for McCain…

Our Economy can’t survive an Obama presidency.

And I just wonder how this thinking works. Because eight years of a Republican presidency have gone so well for the economy? Because John McCain will be soooo different from a Bush administration that he will turn things around? Or because the economy is not that bad now but it will get bad with an Obama presidency? I would say it cracks me up, except that it is real and serious, which makes it much less funny.

4 Responses to Let’s just say that I am working my heart out for McCain…Our Economy can’t survive an Obama presidency.

  1. Bill Baar says:

    ..are you old enough to remember Jimmy Carter?

  2. Chuck B. says:

    I am. I’m also old enough to remember that stagflation started in the Nixon/Ford Administration, Bill. I’m also old enough to remember there were more book stores in the Carter Admin until Regan changed the tax code so only chains could survive. More of that “who needs thinkin'” republicanism so evident in that party’s choices for presidents and VP’s.

    Sorry Buddy, try again.

  3. Bill Baar says:

    Visit Chicago then…10% plus sales tax in Cook County thanks to Obama endorsed Todd Stoger as Prez of Cook County Board.

    Illinois’s one of the bluest of States and Illinois is a mess. Mayor Daley (and belive me he is pulling a lot of Obama’s strings) just announced a three day shut down of City Services.

    All of this patronage costs taxpayors big time.

    Thos 18% mortagage rates under Cater still smart. (And I like Borders… as son of a man who owned a “Dime Store” –my kids have no idea what that is– I can promise you those small days aren’t returning, and it’s for the best).

  4. Bill Baar says:

    PS The other weird regulations we had back in Chicago in the 60s and early 70s was it was illegal to sell meat on Sundays or after 6pm weekdays because the butchers union said meet could only be sold by a union butcher and they did not work Sundays or nights. So the meet counter would be coverd up at 6pm and no meat could be sold. A Sikh bought the neigborhood grocery by me and tried to sell meat after six and his windows where shattered twice and there was a failed fire bombing of his store.

    So those regulatory days left a lot to be desired….. we also could not use plastic pipe in construction (even on your own)…every thing had to be copper because the Plumbers Union wrote the code. One reason why there were very few new housing starts in Chicago until Harold Washington became Mayor and took on the unions… which were also largely white…

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