A Festival of Non-Information

This is how Shark-Fu at Feministing described the vice-presidential debates and it was one of the best characterizations that I have heard of it. That anyone takes these seriously as somehow saying something about the candidates or their policies, is, in and of itself, annoying and depressing. Unless you consider the strategic and selective repetition of various sound bites and partial truths to be “saying something.” I know, I know. Get more excited about democracy, Elizabeth! But it is hard. And I am tired. I think we as a country are tired.

And I feel really very badly for people whose retirement accounts are plummeting right now. Everyone else’s will have time to recover, but not those who are retiring soon. Not to mention those who have lost houses. I wish there was more I could do in the short term other than feel bad for those folks and wish it would be different.

I am sure there are many more pressing things that should be said (like the Rev. Bill Sinkford meeting with the oppressive and ridiculous President of Iran, Ahmadinejad and then making this public as if it was a super-good thing). But sometimes I feel like I have run out of things to say. I know, I know. Speak truth to power. And I am not giving up. But just taking a break for a while.

On a happy note, some of our dear friends welcomed a new baby to the world this week – Ms. Josephine Katherine. So welcome Josephine!!!! We are so happy you arrived safe and sound, and that you are part of our world. We can’t wait to meet you!

On that happy note, off to class.

Peace, E

One Response to A Festival of Non-Information

  1. Robin Edgar says:

    Don’t worry E.

    UUA President Bill Sinkford’s rather questionable meeting with President Ahmadinejad is being quite thoroughly questioned by other U*U bloggers, and some nonU*U and XU*U bloggers to boot (as it were).

    Feel free to take a break on this one. The matter is well in hand. . .

    Heck even the UU World blog could not help but take notice. ;-)


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