Why I am switching to Mac.

My friend and the beloved benefactor of this blog said to me, “E, you know what is so great about Mac now that I have switched? It is just that it works. Like, all the time.”

Brilliant! Being a Windows user reminds me a little bit of being chronically ill. You just gradually don’t feel well, and you lose track of what it even means to feel well. Until Vista, it was just like it was normal for your new computer to take weeks of call to support centers and searching on forums to try to get it to work. And, you just got used to the fact that it took ten minutes to start up. And shut down. It would lock up here and there. But you just tried to save often, and hope for the best.

And then Vista came along, and it was like that step in chronic illness before you finally realize that it is the last straw and you start making the rounds to specialists – ten minutes becomes a 20 minute start up. You start to wonder if you really need your computer to consistently connect to the internet – maybe you can write emails off line and send them when things finally connect. And it does cut down on procrastinating on facebook if you can’t get on the internet….

But, in the end, you realize the time has come. To say goodbye to your old life. Your old ways.

Mac rumors tells me that the new Mac Book Air will come out October 14. Until then, it i just me and my little Dell chugging along with Windows, hoping that things work, that my computer will connect to the internet, that I can toggle two windows at once without everything freezing.

Microsoft is apparently spending millions of dollars in a rebranding campaign, but I wonder if maybe they should have spent that hiring computer programmers that could, you know, make an operating system that allows people like me who mostly listen to music, use an internet browser, type papers, and use email to be able to do that on their new operating system without misery and pain. You know, build something that just works.

Here I come Steve Jobs.

37 Responses to Why I am switching to Mac.

  1. Ubuntucat says:

    Until you’re able to get that Macbook Air, you might want to give Linux a try on that Dell. It sounds as if it’d suit your computer needs, and it’s free.

  2. I used Macs for years in publishing, and they were always crashing….but I know people who swear by them. Maybe mine were just really old.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Ms. T, I too used to use crashing macs at the foundation I worked for in Ohio for years. But that was back when they were colored boxes or the laptops looked like pastel clam shells. My sense is that they have improved. At least that is what it seems like. Maybe I am overly optimistic.

    Ubntucat, If I had to stay with PCs I would switch to Linux. But since I am not particularly adept at learning new computer things, I figure one switch a year is good and I can hang on for just a little while longer without having to learn Linux for a month. But thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Jess says:

    Macs rock. The only thing to crash my iMac that I bought last year has been. . . Microsoft Applications.


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  6. Dizzle says:

    Welcome to the cult. I will be glad to help you in any way I can. You will find that the Mac community is freakin awesome.

  7. I have two laptops, one of which runs XP on a Pentium III, the other Vista on an AMD, and both run fine. I’ve never felt “chronically ill.” I was just saying earlier, in fact, how much I totally love Vista. A cleaner interface and terrific usability, and I can’t blame Microsoft if other companies’ drivers sometimes don’t play nice with it. To me, that’s kinda like saying, the actions of all the dumb people in the world are the fault of the one smart person for not fixing them.

  8. hetplebs says:

    when I had mac, a whole new world appeared :) Good choice! You won’t regret it.

  9. Thomas says:

    indeed, same here. Had windows for years, switched to mac a couple of months ago and I am loving it. I actually get the feeling that they think about the user before they build the whole thing, as you can notice intelligence in so many little details.
    you will enjoy a whole new world of computing!

  10. I purchased a Mac desktop last year, and have had little trouble with it… It’s great for the creative side, although there is not nearly the selection of software available yet. Apple is making a push into the last bastion of Windows dominance, business. If they can make headway there, I’ll dump my windows PC and get a Macbook Pro. Until then, for my business side, Vista has performed very well, I’ve had few lockups, only a few minor issues with peripherals, which I fixed with downloaded free fixes…

    Good luck…

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  12. jane says:

    haha. :) I’m a diehard windows vista lover, but that’s primarily because I have a kick-ass system. i won’t argue: Macs Just Work. but they are simply too overpriced. Good luck with your mac!

  13. mooreclick says:

    I was an absolute die hard PC gal, until I actually started using a Mac. I always thought they were overpriced, and dumbed down for the masses. In the time I’ve had my Mac (a refurbed G4 imac) I’ve had to reformat the PC 4 times. The Mac is still happily chugging along.

  14. steadycat says:

    I have a Mac. Once, I tried to save money and bought a PC. It took one week for it to break. The replacement took one month. I learned my lesson and purchased another Mac. It keeps working no matter ho roughly I treat it.

  15. absurdbeats says:

    Mac. PC. Whatever. I just bought a new Dell, but looked at Mac before buying. The main deterrent was price: If I could have gotten a new Mac for 800 bucks, I would have done so. But since I haven’t had problems with Microsoft operating systems, and I’m neither a programmer nor a video producer, it didn’t bother me to go with a PC.

    Word does make me crazy, so I’m buying a different word processor (WordPerfect)—but I probably would have wanted WP even on a Mac.

    Anyway. I went with what works for me. I hope this works for you.

  16. pherricoxide says:

    Macs are far from problem free, and the lack of software gets annoying for those who like to use their computer for a lot of things. That’s also a major problem on Linux, which I’ve been using for several years now. Whether it’s because you’re a student and need to run some sort of math homework program, or work for a company and need to run some sort of database, there’s always some Windows specific program that keeps me from switching all the way over to Linux (or a mac, but for other reasons as well).

    I used to debate what OS was better, but the simple truth us that they all suck. Windows is unstable and insecure, Linux is difficult to use, and Macs have way too much overpriced proprietary hardware and software. Computers are complicated, security holes are always being found, updates are always needed, and every now and then things just crash. It’s an unfortunate fact of computing that’s existed since the first relay filled machines of the 60’s. Most of the debates are arguing over which ones suck the least.

    In the end, you just need to find what works for you, and live with the downsides. With me, a computer programmer who likes to mess with the internals of his operating system and run a webserver out of his house, Linux is the winner, with occasional booting to Windows for some application that won’t run on anything else. For someone who wants to use just a few applications, perhaps a Mac will be best. Don’t expect a computer that will never lock up, never have updates, never have bugs, no matter what system you go with though.

  17. iedei says:

    Macs are superior in pretty much every way…..once you have one, you will NEVER EVER look back….good choice and all the best.

  18. resonanteye says:

    If you don’t feel like modifying some minor things when you first get going, or you just don’t want to know anything about your system then yeah, a mac. they are good for beginners. I personally dislike using systems that can’t be extensively modified. So I like pc. amazing how things change; it used to be just the opposite.

  19. i’ve been a long time PC user and recently got myself a macbook. honestly, i don’t see the difference between the PC and mac. don’t get me wrong, i like my macbook pro but i haven’t been convinced to drop PC entirely. i still have a dell desktop at home. granted i pretty don’t use it now that i have the macbook. but i do plan to get a new computer, another laptop but by dell – this would replace my desktop.

    i am keeping with the PC because i use software that isn’t supported by mac. at least in the industry that i work in, PC are commonly used and with this particular software.

    not to mention that macs cost way more than a PC. and for the money, i get more from a PC than a mac.

    i also can’t say that i have experienced much problems with my PC that have people say that the operating system on the mac is better than PC.

    in any case, i am happy with my mac book. i don’t know if i will ever give up the PC.

  20. Rick says:

    Hi, I switched over a year ago and I agree that Macs are just another computer. They have a rep for being intuitive but I guess not in the way I am intuitive. It crashes, is sometimes obtuse and confusing and limited in software. I am constantly installing updates and security patches just like a PC. You will probably be happy but don’t buy into the hype that they are perfect.

  21. Niki says:

    This totally encapsulates what I feel about Mac. I like how you associated chronic illness to what it feels like being a Windows user. I mean, I’m not trying to make fun of people who are actually ill but…yeah, this association was the closest to what it feels like running your computer on Windows. I love my Mac!

  22. Trevor D says:

    Thats nice dear…..altho I have never tried Mac….but I’m sure…it’ll be great….I use Windows XP….But yeah…..Vista seriously is stupid….had a lot of hearing from my frends :P … got a pretty nice blog here….love the logo….:D…..hope to see you at my place…


  23. Until it breaks and you can’t find someone to fix it, lawl.

    Not only is Windows quicker to confess to issues and quicker to fix them, as proved by an independant study (linux is the slowest, but it’s excusable in the light that it’s free) but Mac’s growing popularity has caused some hackers to switch their attentions to create spyware for a mac, where as previously that wasn’t a feesable idea, given that no one used them. With articles like this, that push is only likely to strengthen.

    Also, you’ll have trouble getting under the hood if you wanna play around with it.

    And the limitations on software/games.

    You’ll come back. =3

  24. Lynn Jacobs says:

    I have always purchased Macs, but use a PC at work as our school district is anti-Mac. I can use both systems, but the Mac is just smoother. I have a Mac G4 Tower, which is 5 years old and still working perfectly and a 12″PowerBookG4 which is three years old. This summer I added memory to the laptop, and got a new battery and it is like new. It runs the latest OS despite its age. I hope it lasts forever! I’ve never seen a PC last as long as my Macs do. I hope you enjoy yours.

  25. damyantig says:

    I love my Mac too, In the last six months I’ve used it , it has never crashed once, and it is ten times faster than my hubby’s PC….yeah I know MS word for Mac is expensive, but I’m doing fine so far with Pages. You will go thru an initial orienting period because Mac is so different from PC, but you will never regret the change.

    I suspect the people here who have commented on PC and said it is a good option are either wildly lucky, or are in the pay of Microsoft.

  26. Ami Jha says:

    Recently i moved to MAC.
    Its awesome in al sceanrios as comapred to windows
    its really enjoying.HOpe you have a nice time with Macbook soon


  27. Jeremy Buff says:

    I’ll be 100% honest with you… a mac, in every possible way except for gaming, is much better than a Vista PC. I have a vista computer, with 4 GBs of RAM, 400GB hard drive and a 2.0GHz duel core processor… I had to disable dozens of services, take down the quality of the graphics, and uninstall almost everything to get it to work slightly close to a Mac. And even then, only the air which has some of the “leanest” specs of all the macs. Saving up for a macbook pro is one of the absolute best things you can do. Windows, Linux… anything else just doesn’t work like a Mac does. The Mac not only doesnt have to be “scaled down” but it has some of the best graphics, best speeds, best anything out there.

    Go mac!

  28. Mary Bennett says:

    hmmmn. I’m a PC-user thinking of switching so I visited when I saw this entry. Also a UU up in Canada, eh?

  29. nkelber says:

    I just wanted to point out that Macs are PCs. A PC is a personal computer. Macs are are PCs with a proprietary operating system. Dells and Macs use essentially the same hardware, but Dell computers cannot run the OS X operating system because Apple refuses to let other manufacturers run their software in order to drive up profit margins on their Macintosh computers. The equivalent would be if Microsoft started making a computer and you could only get Windows by buying a Microsoft computer instead of Apple, Dell, Gateway, etc.

    I use Linux, OS X, and Windows. I think they’re all good for different things. No single operating system is the best at everything and those that tell you otherwise lack the experience or insight to appreciate each for what they are.

  30. clintthewookie says:

    One thing I don’t understand is where all these people get PC problems, I’ve had a PC all my life and have only had one problem where a system file got corrupted, XP still ran and everything; all I had to do is pop in the XP setup disk, hit repair, and go play my Wii for a while.
    Once I came back, no more problems.

    One thing that I will never get over with Mac is the price. It’s just too much.

    Linux does have it’s selling points, however. I’m typing this from a 9 year old toshiba portege 7020CT laptop that hasn’t been used in years. With 128mb RAM, it’s way to slow for XP or Vista. So I downloaded Fluxbuntu (a unofficial ubuntu distribution that uses Fluxbox instead of gnome) and installed it on the machine.

    Despite the slow boot time, the machine totally owns the Windows 98 also installed on the machine. It looks better and runs much faster as well!

  31. CamPK says:

    Switched to a MAC three years ago and have never looked back. It just feels more “natural” .. more intuitive .. never crashes on you .. no surprises .. and they’re so pretty! :) .. have the macbook pro and the regular macbook .. waiting for the refresh on October 14th so I can get a 17 incher! :)

  32. alexgray says:

    That’s a good reason to switch, I’ve rarely (if ever) had an issue with my Mac. I’d almost consider getting a regular MacBook or MacBook Pro considering that the MacBook Air costs a lot more for less space; might as well get your money’s worth. Unless of course the ease of wireless connecting to CD drives and things doesn’t bother you.

    Basically I’m saying: Go to an Apple store and look around, test things out, and ask questions. You will fall in love with the Mac Geniuses/Genius Bar – trust me.

  33. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments. I should clarify that I do not expect a Mac to be the savior of everything. It is just that I have had such a poor time with Windows, and an imposssssssssible time with Vista, that it is the right fit for me. For the person who said your Windows always works, wowsers. That is great! If Windows would pretty much always work for me, I would love it. But Vista is just soooo clunky. At least for me. I am a heavy user of Word, email, and the internet. Slight user of itunes. So I don’t need anything fancy. Or to be customized. Just to work. Relatively quickly and relatively consistently.

    For the person who clarified the difference between a PC and Mac, I know that is the technical breakdown of things. But my understanding is that in everyday language, PC refers to Windows based non-Macs, and Mac refers to, well Macintosh computers. I remember the Apple GIII back in the day – we used them at my elementary school. Guess I am going back to my roots!

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Good luck in your computer adventures. E

  34. clintthewookie says:

    What makes you fall in love with a Mac? I’ve used one, and I’ve never even thought about getting one…

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