One Short Thought on McCain’s VP pick

I know I am like the ten millionth blogger to have something to say about this because the opportunities for criticism and shock mixed with maybe-this-will-finally-do-McCain-in hopefulness are so plentiful. But seriously, the New York Times says this morning

In choosing Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate and bidding for supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton, John McCain risked undercutting his case against Barack Obama.

And I just think – exactly how many voters does McCain think were/are  Hillary Clinton supporters who are now going to be like, “Well, HRC didn’t work out, but gosh, that Sarah Palin is a great second choice.” Could McCain actually just think that the great thing everyone thought about Hillary was that she is a woman? Like any one of them ladies will do, right? I am not a huge follower of presidential politics, mostly because I find the whole thing depressing, but I am intrigued by the apparent miscalculation and weird thinking that must have gone into this choice. I am really surprised that no one stopped him. Surely his advisors and other high-up Republicans did not see this as a wise choice. Well, since I think Obama is clearly a better option (although not the savior of the world and politics as many hail him to be) all the better for him – and for us.

3 Responses to One Short Thought on McCain’s VP pick

  1. Bill Baar says:

    She’ll appeal to Reagan Democrats in some key swing stats.

    Compare her reform experience in Alaska fighting the GOP machine vs Obama’s endorsement of the Democratic Machine in Illinois.

    Obama dug a horrible hole for himself with his stand on “born alive” in Illinois, and Palin’s going to hit very hard on that.

    Obama’s got an odd knack of calling women sweetie he’s going to have to check.

    I’ve yet to see her campaign but I suspect this is going to turn out to have been a very good choice.

    Illinois has a stogy GOP and the alliance of social conservatives and Lieberman style Democrats like myself no longer at home in the Party. I’ve always thought there was enough common ground on many issues for us to toss out the old Guard in our GOP and then go after the Machine that’s taken over our State. Seems to me Palin did just that in Alaska.

  2. Jess says:

    I think he has a thing for beauty queens.

  3. annainaz says:

    Unfortunately, I believe Palin will win over some disgruntled Hillary supporters simply because she is a woman. I know it’s hard to believe that ANY female voter would vote that way, but as the McCain spokesman said: “We don’t need to get all of Hillary’s 18 million voters, just some”. On the other hand, her nasty attacks on Obama will turn off many who watched her perform tonight. The aggressiveness is very unattractive, both in content and visually.

    She keeps talking about her “No thanks to the Bridge to Nowhere” and eliminating ear-marks in Washington. I fear that many of listened will believe her, not realizing that she actually was in favor of the Bridge in 2006 when she was campaigning for office, only to denounce it after she got elected, and that she has secured more pork for Alaska than most anyone else.

    Her so-called executive experience was as mayor of a town with less people and less budget than many corporations (which she left in debt, by the way), and 20 months as governor of the third most sparsely-populated state of the union. And since when is being a mother of 5 a qualification to potentially holding the highest office of the most powerful country in the world?

    All American citizens should be fearful for the future of our country if McCain/Palin wins this election.

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