Map of Unitarian Universalist Churches?

Does anyone know if there is a google map (or some other map) of UU churches around the country? It would be even cooler it if could be done with different points – red ones for over 1000 members, blue ones for 500-999, green for 200-499, black for 100-199, purple for under 50-99, and orange for under 50. The colors, of course, don’t mean anything – I was just thinking for people who want to see a lay of the land (and who want to pick cities to apply for jobs in based on the presence of a UU church) it could be helpful. Maybe I will try to do one if one doesn’t already exist. Right, I’ll do that with all my spare time. But, seriously, maybe gradually as something to amuse myself with when I need a break. A procrastination tool, if you will. As long as one doesn’t already exist.

7 Responses to Map of Unitarian Universalist Churches?

  1. I’ve got one in the works, but probably a ways off because (1) I’d have to process the data and (2) learn a few skills to make it work right.

  2. kylydia says:

    That sounds like a good idea. Unrelated to UUism, but I think another great Google map would be to create a map layer that allows the overlay of major metropolitan areas’ (oh, like Brussels, Belgium) public transportation systems onto a typical street map. How helpful that would be!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Oooooooo, that is super-helpful! Thank you E.A. :)

  4. Scott Wells says:

    @kylydia. Have you seen Might be easier (for the biggest impact for area users) to get your local transit system on board with Google. Service times and connections, too.

  5. You’re welcome Elizabeth. Of course that map of U*U population density in the USA lends a whole new meaning to the fact that U*Uism is 97% white. . . ;-)

  6. kylydia says:

    @Scott…thanks for that suggestion! I’m checking it out. I have no local transit system of which to speak – I can only hope that one day I will.

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