So how is Murray?

One of my favorite and most faithful blog readers asked how our Murray is. I wrote about Murray, our sick kitty, here and here and so here is the update:

Things are not good, not much worse, and they are also not conclusive. No one can even tell us if cerebellar hypoplasia is progressive or not. Our theory is that if it happens in utero when the mama cat is sick or if she is given a distemper shot (and this seems to be the claim), and it causes lack of development of part of the brain of the kittens, that it seems impossible for that to somehow “kick in” at age nine months as it did with Murray. How did that part of his brain function the first nine months when he was walking just fine and then all of a sudden worsen in the matter of a week? So, our theory is that doctors and people on the internet (whose doctors have diagnosed their cats with cerebellar hypoplasia) tend to use cerebellar hypoplasia to refer to a range of neurological problems that cause similar symptoms when the actual causes are very varied and unknown. So one doctor says it is CH, our alternative doctor is sort of like “try this homeopathic medicine and see what happens” and none of the doctors has any suggestion about the next steps, short of trying various natural remedies or doing a $1200 MRI. We don’t feel up to (and the shelter also doesn’t think we should) try to get a third opinion given the already substantial costs and tests we have already run that all came back normal. He is declining slightly – his walk gets worse and he sometimes looks a little hunched over – but he also still eats well, gets up and hangs out, and spends a lot of time following our other cat Gustav around trying to get him to cuddle him. We still hope that he will plateau and be just fine. If he worsens a lot more, we may try to go to another vet. We hope that the homeopathic, natural stuff will start to work. Keep him in your thoughts.

3 Responses to So how is Murray?

  1. Cathy Edgett says:

    I offer prayers for Murray. I just went through a great deal with my cat, Bella, and I know the trauma of it. She is now all right, but I thought she might have died, and then, when she returned very sick, that she might not return to health. She is now fine, so I hope the best for Murray. We love our pets and they are great teachers, as you say.

  2. Lorena says:

    Hi.. I just found your blog googling about CH because my vet also seems to think is what my cat has.. I don’t know if its the right diagnosis because about a month ago (my kitty was 8 months) he started to walk funny we took him to the vet and he gave him a cortison inyection that seemed to help him a little, and 4 days ago he took a turn for the worse, hardly cant walk.. Doctor said all that and gave him antibiotics in case is toxoplasm and another cortison inyection (we dont have the money for the MRI to confirm is CH) so.. my question is… Do your kitty seems to get worse?
    I’m really worried..

  3. […] just a slit every once in a while. But his time is here. I have written about him several times on here. He has been sick on and off for many months. We thought he might be better. But on Thursday […]

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