You Know You Want It: Tofurky Jurky


Back about 18 years ago at Franklin Monroe Elementary School, you could buy a slim jim beef jerky for 35 cents. I LOVED these. Loved loved loved. I continued to get them at gas stations and the store up until 2002 when I listenend to This Steer’s Life on NPR and swore off animal as food. But don’t think that this made me not miss beef jerky (and barbeque at our family’s very famous and impressive cookouts or burgoo or hot dogs). While I have yet to find a really impressive replacement for barbecue (aside from just sipping on the sauce, which I actually really like) THERE IS A GOOD BEEF JERKY REPLACEMENT (the spicy one tastes best to me). This is not a half-way, almost-like beef jerky replacement, but actually tastes just like beef jerky. Go out and buy this as soon as you can. I’ve had to ration myself. Only two servings a day. A great way to get protein no matter what your eating persuasion. And one more thing you can easily replace without much suffering on your part (along with soy milk and deli turkey, but those are for another post).

4 Responses to You Know You Want It: Tofurky Jurky

  1. Charlie Talbert says:

    As well as being a treat anytime, this jerky would be a good option when traveling, when veg options are not always plentiful. Looking forward to trying some!

    In the travel category, I’d also recommend Amy’s frozen Indian Spinach Tofu Wrap and the Bean & Rice Burrito

    They’re better warmed up a little, but they’re delicious just thawed to room temperature, too.

  2. Charlie Talbert says:

    Oops … I think my tinyurl doesn’t work because it ends with a period. Try this

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I never thought of having them at room temp. I like them both. Good to know. :) E

  4. […] For those of you that don’t live near a natural food store that might carry this (that I mentioned a while back) you can order one package to sample from here for $2.53 and, if you are like me and you LOVE this […]

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