Britney Spears

So Ms. Britney Spears was all about having a comeback performance at the Video Music Awards. I watched the You Tube version of it and she didn’t do so well.  Fine. I think there are more important things to worry about in the world. BUT, what is driving me CRAZY is all this talk that she had a beer belly or looked fat or out of shape. I have heard this on the radio and rumor has it that places like People or Us Magazine are saying such things (of course, ahem, I wouldn’t know because I would not read those things, even if I was procrastinating on studying for a German exam…). But, HELLO? Look at her picture below. I think she looks GREAT. Just because someone goes from a size 2 to a size 6 does not mean they are fat.  Anyway, I thought that was important to say. Even if only 12 people read it as compared to the millions who read People.


17 Responses to Britney Spears

  1. I think the classic ways to take away power from a woman are to call her fat, ugly, or stupid. She’s already been called stupid for years. Now fat. And soon ugly no doubt. (And clearly she is none of these).

  2. Chalicechick says:

    I might fight you on stupid, but I agree with the general thrust of your post, Ms. Theologian.


  3. You know how most of the media is — if you can’t count her ribs in a photo, she’s really let herself go.

  4. Is she as thin as she was five years ago? No. But she’s not 19 years old anymore – and she’s given birth to TWO children! She’s not FAT. She’s just mostly nekkid. I don’t think she looks very good but not because of her weight – it’s the bad weave/extensions, tacky outfit, sloppy dancing. (I too heard about this on the radio the other day day so looked it up on YouTube wondering what the fuss was about).

    I have never been a Britney fan (not even when she was on Mickey Mouse Club, which I watched religiously for years), but instead of talking about her “acting out” why aren’t they talking about how her parents essentially handed her over to star handlers for money when she was a child? This woman is the meal ticket for hundreds – possibly thousands – of people. I suspect she woke up one day and realized that her parents betrayed her, she has few real friends, and that she really cannot sing – but what kind of options does she have in life? Everyone thinks she’s going to be a stripper in ten years. She’s a rich, scrutinized young mother with very few clear options in life. I’m grateful not to be in her situation.

  5. Jess says:

    Not fat, no, but should wear more clothes. And go take care of her family rather than prancing around half-heartedly on television.

    I just can’t believe the amount of media coverage on this sad, rather pathetic, five minute incident.

    I mean, did you know that Vladimir Putin dissolved his government yesterday? That rather major news event wasn’t anywhere that I saw it, but Brit was all over the place. Oy.

  6. I echo many of the comments already on this thread.

    The media loves a scandal and loves to document the fall from grace that many musicians and entertainers fall prey to. Nor can the media resist taking cheap shots and kicking a person when he/she is down. And to a large degree, our own attitudes shape that of the media. We use figures like Britney as a means to project our own insecurities, fears, desires, and dreams.

    Truth be told, any celebrity is held up to massive scrutiny. In the past, we lambasted Britney because we envied her taut body and now that she’s gained a few pounds, we can’t help but criticize her for looking “fat”. That’s hardly fair but is par for the course.

    If we were really secure in ourselves, we’d strive to become rich and famous ourselves and wouldn’t need these pop idols to dictate to us how we ought to behave, what we ought to wear, and what we ought to say.

    It is very hypocritical of us to take pot shots at Britney simply because she’s a little heavier than before. Yet, her entire image was built around an ideal of feminine beauty that few women ever have the ability to obtain.

    If we really wanted to put our money where our mouth is, we’d cease to give our money and our attention to someone who perpetuates an such an unrealistic standard.

    I’ve never been a Britney fan and I admit that secretly I delighted in seeing her fall from grace. This is because I always saw her as fake, plastic, and contrived. The whole matter is a sad commentary on the cult of personality we perpetuate in this society. She’s another example of a pretty face who rose to super-star status based merely on looks and lacking much talent. I wish we would use raw talent alone as the standard by which popularity is judged.

    If we could use the example of Britney Spears as a cautionary tale that would be one thing. Unfortunately, the music industry and the entertainment industry will always be eager to churn out one cookie-cutter act after another to make a profit. And sad to say, we’ll allow it to transpire over and over again.

  7. Lydia says:

    The story of Britney Spears’ recent years makes me extremely glad that I’m not a pop superstar. Imagine.

    It’s no stretch for me to imagine myself going out for a girls’ night on the town, sans children. I’d hate to be castigated by millions for being a bad mother because I decided to have a little fun for myself rather than sacrificing entire self for children.

    My klutzy moves are constantly monitored so that when my stupid feet trip over each other and I nearly fall, potentially injuring myself and the child I am trying to carry, I am castigated by millions for being a bad mother.

    I make outfit-appropriate decisions regarding my undercrackers and find thousands of cameras awaiting that awkward how-do-I-get-out-of-this-car-gracefully moment. When I don’t succeed with that grace, not only are the photos readily available for all, but I am castigated by millions for being a bad mother.

    See, if I had children, I’d probably not be much different than Britney Spears, although, I’d leave my half-naked shimmying and shaking for the living room on Friday afternoon cleaning days rather than MTV, but that’s purely because I’ve never even dreamed of looking a quarter as good as Ms. Spears pre- or post-child birth. (diagram that sentence!)

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Preach it Lydia! Whoo-hoo!

  9. Kevin Mecum says:

    I just wrote a few paragraphs about Britney… and then I erased it. Here’s a summary of what I just erased: She is not fat but she should not wear those clothes with that body. She is not ugly, Kim Jong-il is ugly. She is definitely stupid.

    Ahhh.. it felt so good to call her stupid. She is SOOO STUPID! How can it not disturb all of you every time you hear another “Bad mother” story, or a “hey camera man, this body part is where my baby came from” story? Have you seen her interviewed? Have you seen a clip from her reality show?

    I’d have to say that 99% of the time talking about celebrities is a waste of time and energy. Celebrities sign up to be torn to shreds… that’s all part of the deal… That’s why they’re famous… That’s how they afford their fancy clothes and cars… get over it! Celebrities exist so that we can admire, enjoy, and rip apart to make ourselves feel better.

    The REAL issues to bring up regarding Britney are: 1.)Her parents 2.)How young, influential girls react to the media coverage of Britney. 3.) How parents can be proactive and control whether or not the media coverage of Britney affects their children.

    Hafidha Sofia’s comments are dead on.

    1.) Her parents. I think we all understand and agree that her parents are the reason Britney is where she is right now. Selfish bastards. I’d love to see a 60 minutes program that exposes parents of celebrities like Britney. I think every teeny bopper should see and understand the background of where and how these celebrities get to be the way they are.

    2.)(Now i’m going a little off topic, but is definitely related).. have any of you seen the John Stewart interview on Hardball? He talks about the media’s coverage of politics (Not celebrities). Please watch: .

    3.)Another thing that every parent should teach their children is that the media is only after $$ and they will say and do anything they can to get that $$.
    I very often feel like the root behind every problem is BAD PARENTING. If I write on Elizabeth’s blog again I’ll probably end up deciding that everything is the parent’s fault… regardless of the topic.

    By the way.. Elizabeth, you rock. I’m glad I just discovered your blog. I hope all is well.

    Kevin Mecum

  10. Kevin Mecum says:

    Uhh.. i must have not closed the HYPERLINK tag for the john stewart interview. Just click on “3.)Another thing” or anything after to see the video. Sorry about that.

  11. Kevin Mecum says:

    Sorry, I had to:

  12. Kevin Mecum says:

    Sorry i’m totally screwing up your blog.. is there no where to preview before it actually submits? Anyway.. what do you think of this Britney Spears fan video?:

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Kevin. Great to see you here. Thanks for all your comments. I found the fan video funny. Yes, good parenting is in short supply these days. Hope all is well out West. E :)

  14. ricky says:

    Can you please help me try to figure out how to use this video?
    I cannot seem to get it to work.

  15. Eleisa says:

    I agree! She looks amazing, and frankly I commend her on the weight gain. It’s horrifying how skinny most/many female celebrities are these days. I watch movies/shows, and I want desperately to tell those women that stick-thin isn’t necessary, or healthy. I’m a health-minded person, and am all for staying in shape, but starving yourself….Completely unnecessary! Enjoy your curves, girls, love your butt and boobs! And don’t let society tell you what pant size you ought to be!

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