Sustainable Flowers

I wanted to send my sister flowers and she is even more into making sure everything is sustainable and fair to workers and environmentally friendly than I am, so I did some research and I thought I would post it here in case anyone else wanted possibilities for sustainable flower sending. In case you wonder if regular flowers are all that problematic, you can go here to read about it. I’m not trying to be alarmist and make everything into “an issue” but just trying to be more aware of ways I can be more gentle on the earth and its people, while also keeping in mind that everyone doesn’t have the economic or time resources to be super-vigilant. It raises questions for me about how we can make sustainable practices not just something UUs or well-off do-gooding upper middle class people can do, but change systems so that a range of people can be aware of and do these things.  Just some thoughts. Onto the companies.

Organic Bouquet

California Organic Flowers

Diamond Organics

Well, I thought there would be more, but that is it for online stuff. It, of course, goes without saying that buying local is best and local farms/farmer’s markets often have a good selection.

p.s. Another link about buying traditional flowers

8 Responses to Sustainable Flowers

  1. chappie says:

    hello there!
    i just stumbled across your blog in doing pseudo-research for a workshop i’m meant to be preparing on queer theology. i’m very interested in lots of the stuff you talk about here! my honours thesis (that i’m working on now) is on catholic nuns & sexuality in australia from the 1960s to today. do you think there’s a strong connection between the celibate religious life and protestant abstinence stuff? i guess they may be both underpinned by similar fears about sexuality, women, etc. some of the nuns today have a pretty nuanced and interesting approach to celibacy though – have you come across anything like that yourself?
    anyway i look forward to reading more from you (the above on flowers is great! i never thought about that before)
    chappie (also known as bronislava)

  2. marie says:

    Great blog!

    There’s a search function on to find local flower growers by zip code. I love the flower CSA near me in Rhode Island! I don’t love vegetable CSAs when you can’t choose exactly what you’re going to get, but with flowers, it’s a lovely surprise.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the tip, Marie. :)

  4. Teresa says:

    Hello there! I just stumbled upon this entry and I wanted to let you know about myself and what I do–
    I’m a florist, and I grow approx. 90% of my flowers, and herbs in a sustainable manner. Look at my web site when shopping for floral gifts. I ship our Bonny Doon Posies nationwide- they are truly beautiful gifts usings the historic language of flowers to create sentiments of all kinds. And the best part is- they’re organic, and/or sustainably grown!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Next time I need flowers, I know where to go :)

  6. Flowers says:

    Wow. So much thought into flowers :) I wouldn’t have thought it possible

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Buying flowers that having been handled in an ecologically responsible manner can sometimes be clear cut but can also be deceiving on a website. Sometimes it has to be ferreted out by the consumer, and unfortunately does not always result in a beautiful arrangement for the money spent. Ask your chosen florist where and how they bought their flowers and explain your concerns. For example: I will go to a local grower nearby and purchase flowers that were grown at their farm and use those flowers. This makes these flowers not only beautiful and usually longer lasting, but more ecologically responsible. Some of my customers want imported products and I do have to order that. But a good bulk of my main products, including the roses, are grown about an hour away from my flower shop.

  8. thomas says:


    the first link to is dead, here is an archive of the page :…/…

    thanks for this article

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