Nothing Profound or Even Semi-Profound to Say

This blog is mostly not about being update about how I am doing. But today it is. Interestingly, I seem most pulled to write a lot on it when I have other pressing things to do. And this summer, almost nothing has been pressing.

So, in a rare instance, I am just writing to say that I am still here and things are going fine. I am working part-time this summer, trying to get my German good enough to pass the language exam September 14th, so that I can have that out of the way before I start Latin (ugg) September 17th. What do these languages have to do with the course of my study you ask? Nada. You just have to get a high pass on two modern languages and a regular old pass on an ancient language and I thought Latin would be easier than Greek. (For those that don’t know, I start a doctoral program in religion in September. I finished my M.Div. in June. I’m still ordination track, just on the somewhat slower track.)

A friend was in town this weekend and it was a great visit. She is a fellow candidate for UU ministry and very wise. She is also adopting one of our kittens. We currently have seven foster kittens and one foster cat (who we’ve had since January – she is a tad difficult to adopt out). Who wants a lovely although not quite friendly but really good-at-heart seven toed kitty named Marisol? I will deliver anywhere in New England! For free! If you will love her and keep her for her whole life.

Hmm. This summer has been really laid back. It makes me feel lazy, but I try to tell myself it is about self-care. I can’t tell if it is really being lazy and tricking myself that it is about self-care, or if it really is about self-care and I just have a must-do-something-must-be-productive voice in my head.  Probably it is somewhere in between.

Well, that’s about it. I’m sure once I have papers to write, all of a sudden I will think of things that I just MUST post on my blog. Also, for some reason still isn’t working, so you need to go to the wordpress address for it to work. Oh, and my computer got a virus, and they erased my whole computer and all my bookmarks and EVERYTHING in order to fix it. I backed up my main files, but – gosh – it sure takes a lot of work to get your computer back up and working with the right settings and bookmarks and cookies and such.

That’s all.  Elizabeth :)

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