Marisol the abused abanonded cat guest blogging.

So we are fostering a cat, Marisol, that has had a really hard time of it. And she spends her days and nights reaching her huge paws out from under her prison door meowing for us to give her more attention and play with her. If you are within a four hour driving distance of Boston, consider reading Marisol’s plea guest blog about why you might want to adopt her.


Hi everyone. My name is Marisol. This is my first time blogging. I must say, the last six months have been hard. In October, my human, who had rescued me when I was a kitten from a terribly abusive situation, up and left town, leaving me and four of my friends outside. She just left us. THEN it wasn’t until J-A-N-U-A-R-Y that we were rescued. It was so cold, one of us got frostbite. We were rescued by a nice family, but the situation is that because of my history of abuse, well, I’m a little different from other cats and I haven’t been able to find a home. I did find one home, and they loved me a lot, but I hated their other cats (they just made me too nervous) and I was too aggressive to them, so the family had to give me up. It was very sad. Lots of things are sad for me. Now I’m in a loving foster home but there are still other cats around and so I have to stay in a room by myself all the time because I don’t get along with other cats.

I am looking for a loving, patient family with no children and no other animals, where I can be an inside cat, and where I will have lots of love.

I am about five years old, have all my shots, I am fixed, and I am healthy. I have extra toes on my feet which look sort of cute, I think. I am very playful. Because of my history of abuse, I often don’t like to be touched – and I tell you so by a little scratching and biting. If you aren’t too pushy with me, I wouldn’t hurt you – but I make it clear when I don’t want to be touched and I need that to be respected. I can be very loving when I relax, but that isn’t that often as of yet, although my host family thinks I have potential.

So, if you are a loving person or family with no children and no other animals and no plans to get any other animals, maybe you could consider me. I have had a hard time of it, and would love a stable, loving home of my own, with someone to care for me.

If you would like more information or to meet me, please contact Elizabeth my foster mom. I live in Somerville but my foster family is willing to take me far and wide for the right family. And the shelter that my family volunteers for will waive my adoption fee since I am a “special case.”

Thank you for your consideration.

Marisol the cat



2 Responses to Marisol the abused abanonded cat guest blogging.

  1. Rae says:

    So cute, I am currently fostering our fourth stray this year. We live in the country and they just keep showing up on our back porch, I think people just come out here and dump them. Keep up the good work, every life is valuable!

  2. Jan Gish says:

    I wonder if Marisol is related to Ernest Hemmingway’s cats in Florida. Hemmingway had a pet cat (or maybe a cat had a pet Hemmingway) and the cat had an extra toe. They can tell if cats in the area are from the Hemmingway cat if it they have an extra toe.

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