The Phone Calls

Some of you know that I have mentored some young men (from Dayton) for the past 12 years. (Am I old enough to have done anything for 12 years? Yikes. I guess.) I should write about it in more detail sometime – the young men and their families are amazing and they have been huge joys and lights and points of learning in my life.  I love them dearly.

Anyway, one of the young men (they are in their early twenties now) and his partner are going to have a baby. And a truck was set on fire in their backyard a few weeks ago. And he has no job. And his grandpa is sick.  And… and… and…

Every time I see his name on my caller ID my stomach drops.  I can almost guarantee it is not good news or it is a call for financial help. And how much to help?  How to help? I don’t want to project all my anxieties about the dreadful state of inner-city life and racism on my young friends. Yet, it rushes over me in too many ways each time we’re in touch. I cringe at the injustice they live with every. single. day. Like a heavy rain that never stops.  They don’t notice it as much as I do because they are used to it. Strong. Numb. Whatever.

Anyway, I need to return the phone call and hope that no one is dead or arrested.  I used to say just don’t tell me anyone is dead, arrested or pregnant.  I gave up the third one.

May God be with them. With us all.

2 Responses to The Phone Calls

  1. elizabeth199 says:

    Well, no one was dead or arrested. More challenges. But they are maintain’, as they say. Thanks be to God.

  2. Lizard Eater says:

    Glad to hear no d/a. D.O.A.? Dead or Arrested? New meaning.

    Anyway, count me as one who wants to hear more about this part of your life.

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