Read Reader Responses to UU World Ethical Eating Article

Some may remember a discussion that took place about Amy Harringer’s Ethical Eating article in the UU World a while back. Here is the original article:

And now UU World has printed a nice selection of reader responses:

If interested here are some of the posts that mention the ethical eating article:

My thoughts on it. Some follow up thoughts.

Philocrites writes on it. And Katharine does too.

Finding my UU Soul writes about the article and vegetarianism here.

And I could swear there was a post on Debitage on this topic but now I can’t find it.

So there you go.

2 Responses to Read Reader Responses to UU World Ethical Eating Article

  1. Charlie Talbert says:

    The UU World did not print my letter (pasted below), but the important parts to me are included in Catherine McAllister’s letter, shown at the link you’ve given.


    “Your timely and important Spring 2007 cover story Eating Ethically avoids some difficult but fundamental questions. These gaps may be unavoidably due to the subtitle, A Seventh-Principle Approach to Food.”

    “Isolating the 7th Principle to examine ethical issues can be treacherous. The sociopath can logically cite “the interdependent web of all existence” to justify his cruelties if he ignores the values written into our other six principles, like ‘peace’, ‘compassion’, and ‘worth and dignity’.”

    “Including our other principles to evaluate food choices leads to questions about the morality of causing another being a lifetime of emotional and physical suffering, and death, for the fleeting pleasure of a taste sensation. Besides tradition what justifies this, a Unitarian Universalist examination of ethical eating might ask?”

    We connect with and love our companion animals, but worth and dignity are not qualities for humanity to selectively bestow upon some fellow beings and not others. We are not by nature that inherently self-centered.

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