Putting All Your Worldly Belongings In Boxes and other thoughts

I’m sure my loyal readers (hi Rebecca and Mom!) have noticed my lack of posts recently. It is the end of the semester so it is paper writing time, and we are moving, both of which cuts into blogging time. A summer goal is to make sure to update regularly.

I have so many thoughts on moving (and packing up all our STUFF) and graduating from my masters program and some thoughts on recent cat situations we have been in (as cat foster parents) but really, I’m just taking a break from packing so I won’t try to articulate those thoughts now. Mostly I just wanted to say hello and have a break. A very nice and kind blog (Letting Each Other Go) has named me as a thinking blog. Wow, it is so nice to be affirmed as a blogger (also thanks to Donna and Barbara who have been affirming about the blog lately) and I will soon respond to the tagging (is that the right word) as a thinking blog. I think I will get to name five blogs that make ME think. And really blogs have been so helpful in giving me a sense not only of what is going on out there in UU world, but in thinking about some important theological and just generally important issues.

For now, it is time to go through more boxes of accumulated things, many of which I haven’t opened since we moved. Why not just toss them out since I clearly forget what is in them? Good question. I think that my keeping of things to a clearly unreasonable degree has something to do with not wanting to forget my life – as I look through my boxes (and boxes) of saved papers, saved bottles, saved toys, hair clips, and other things, each one is like a memory. And it is only when I look at my things – or perhaps only when I know they are in my basement if I want to look at them – that I access those moments in my life that otherwise would fade and eventually disappear. I’m sure there is something there that a therapist could explain, but for now, if I have the room, I guess I’ll just keep my little things until I can let them go and take comfort that many memories are stored up in nice blue boxes. It does make me sad to think of what will happen to my years of diaries (since first grade!) and scrapbooks and boxes of “keepsakes” when I am gone. I’ve toted them around from apartment to apartment for a very long time now. I know I LOVE to look through boxes of old things from my parents and grandparents. I hope my children will look through my boxes and get a similar thrill of being an archaeologist of sorts – an attic archeologist – discovering what made/gave meaning to generations before.

Enough for now. Happy Spring – finally!


One Response to Putting All Your Worldly Belongings In Boxes and other thoughts

  1. Meowia says:

    Wow, Elizabeth, I had no idea you were moving. I “feel your pain” about all the stuff and the boxes that have been moved before, unopened. I hear people say that if you haven’t opened it up in a year or if you don’t remember what was in it, you don’t need it or won’t miss it. I, however, don’t buy it! I’ve gone nuts looking for things that I know I have (or had) somewhere and if I were ever to just toss things without knowing what was in it — what sentimental treasures might I lose forever? Good luck with the whole process!

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