Ethical Eating in UU World – A Short Response

March 5, 2007

Philocrites mentions the article in UU World on ethical eating and refers to my response to the article in the following way:

Elizabeth, however, thinks the magazine didn’t wag its righteous finger vigorously enough, and wishes it chewed her out for driving a car, too: “I want to read an article in the UU World telling me how unethical it is for me to drive my car in a city with public transportation. I want a faith that says, ‘Hey. Get tough. Small adjustments are not going to cut it in these times.’

While I am appreciative of being mentioned on one of the best UU Blogs around, of course, I don’t wish my denominational magazine to wag its righteous finger at all, or to chew me out. I only wish, that on a topic where the suffering of so many people and sentient beings involved, and with our environment in such a serious state, we were called to be our best selves. For me, it was like saying, “Gay marriage is good. But getting there is too hard. So here are some half-way measures.” I love how our denomination has taken the difficult, uncomfortable, unpopular stances on things that are of so much importance to humanity, and to our world. I just wanted that on this too.

Unitarian Universalist Stoles * UU Stoles * The Most Beautiful Stoles Ever

March 1, 2007

June 2008 UPDATE: My mom seems to be taking a vacation, whether permanent or temporary is unclear, from her stole pursuits.  Anyway, thanks for looking at the Mom Stole Gallery. She is so sweet – she ended up selling many of her stoles at absurdly low prices just because she didn’t want to turn people down who she thought were doing such very exciting ministry. Very sweet, but I think perhaps not encouraging of a long-term stole business-ministry.

Made by my mom! She didn’t ask me to advertise them, but gosh darn it, they are just so lovely that I had to show them off here. Some of these were specially made for individuals, some are my own that she made for me, and others are still for sale. They are very comfortable and just lovely. Email for more info elizabeth199 (at) gmail (dot) com.