Layout Adjustment

As you can see, I am experimenting with the layout.  I like how this one is wider in the middle – I don’t like how the text on the other one was in such a narrow column.  That said, I don’t want this to get too busy.  Feedback welcome.

p.s. I feel like my little “blog admin” tag should be longer… like “blog admin: aka elizabeth is procrastinating on something or trying to keep her mind off of something.” In this case, it is procrastinating on a response paper and trying to keep her mind off of responses to her ph.d. applications that should come any day now. And might I mention that the responses will likely not be good thanks to the evil GRE which I scored dreadfully on. Which I am mostly okay with but I just want to know so I can get on with things.

One Response to Layout Adjustment

  1. RG in DC says:

    I like it! Much easier to read.

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