Ethical Eating in UU World – A Short Response

Philocrites mentions the article in UU World on ethical eating and refers to my response to the article in the following way:

Elizabeth, however, thinks the magazine didn’t wag its righteous finger vigorously enough, and wishes it chewed her out for driving a car, too: “I want to read an article in the UU World telling me how unethical it is for me to drive my car in a city with public transportation. I want a faith that says, ‘Hey. Get tough. Small adjustments are not going to cut it in these times.’

While I am appreciative of being mentioned on one of the best UU Blogs around, of course, I don’t wish my denominational magazine to wag its righteous finger at all, or to chew me out. I only wish, that on a topic where the suffering of so many people and sentient beings involved, and with our environment in such a serious state, we were called to be our best selves. For me, it was like saying, “Gay marriage is good. But getting there is too hard. So here are some half-way measures.” I love how our denomination has taken the difficult, uncomfortable, unpopular stances on things that are of so much importance to humanity, and to our world. I just wanted that on this too.

2 Responses to Ethical Eating in UU World – A Short Response

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  2. erynmaritime says:

    I think you come across as an insightful but self-aware person, who is asking for tougher truths to be told.

    Sometimes they need to be told, and that doesn’t mean the magazine has to dictate – only just say, look, these are the cold hard facts of the matter. Often truths like this are hard for people to hear and even harder to accept.

    I hate hearing them myself, and I have to remind myself that I’m not perfect – I’m fallible, but that doesn’t mean I’m deplorable, and even if I don’t get everything “right” I can still try. I can cut down on the use of my car, eat less meat and animal products, waste less… I may not be as great at all this as some people are, but it’s nevertheless still something.

    Perhaps you are braver about hearing things that make us wince and want to look away from problems than many of us are. It’s a very tricky thing to gently word a point of view so that you don’t wound, yet manage to pierce someone’s armour enough that they consider an idea or thought. And we’re never going to get that 100% right all of the time either – so don’t worry. Don’t be too hard on yourself. :)

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