a prayer

This prayer was originally written for WomenChurch service we hold once a month at school. It is adapted here for use in a congregation.

A Prayer

divine wonder, as we try to peacefully breathe ourselves out of one week and into the next, we come here, to this sacred space – safe space – and confess – confess that we cannot do it all – we cannot be it all – that we struggle, that we ache, that we might not feel as strong as we sometimes make it look.

and we come together to affirm that this is really okay. to affirm the divine within each of us, the struggling and stumbling together to make this world and to make our lives sites of authentic love, authentic joy, of justice and hope. we come together here in many ways, just to be. to be in a space where we can just be. present to the moment… to our bodies… present to our struggles and our joys and our hopes and longings, a place where we can simply be and that is okay. we can exhale here.

here we can be affirmed in believing a little or a lot or nothing at all. we can be faithful, faithless or somewhere in between.

here, we do not have to ask to be wrapped in the love of the divine because it is already so. if we don’t feel it, if we cannot see it, we have our brothers and sisters here to help us feel it or to tell us it is okay if we are not ready to see it.

mother god, we are not always used to feeling you or seeing you as wisdom, as feminine. maybe some of us don’t want to do that. maybe we do. maybe we can’t or perhaps we have been doing it for many years….. whatever the case, we give praise for a place where we can come and express all of this, and commune with our fellow seekers.

may we learn and continue support each other in the journey to be spirits of peace and at peace with ourselves as we stumble along making sense and making love in on this spinning planet together.

amen and blessed be.

*Depending on where you are at, or where your congregation is at on imagining the divine in feminine language, you can omit the stanza that deals with that. Feel free to use without attribution in a religious service. If you repost online, please include attribution and a link to this post.

4 Responses to a prayer

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  2. Hey Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your prayer. The last verse, about being both “spirits of peace” in the world and also “being at peace with ourselves” particularly stuck with me. I just started a new blog (www.lookingforfaith.org) and this week’s theme was prayer! So I mentioned and linked to this prayer.

  3. Patricia Maherr says:

    what a beautiful prayer. thanks. emerson and theo are wonderful. love, Pat

  4. […] I have posted a few other prayers here before and hope to do so more regularly. Please feel free to use without […]

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