Starry Night Band Playing in Middleboro, MA – Make an Evening of It and Support a UU Church!

On Saturday, Feb. 24 at the Unitarian Universalist Society in Middleboro, MA – 25 S. Main St. – the Starry Night Band will be playing a mix of folk, classical and Celtic acoustic music. There was a cool article about it in the Middleboro Gazette.

At the beginning of the evening downstairs in the Parish Hall, everyone will be offered tantalizing appetizers and beverages. “Delightful tidbits made with ingredients that are easier on our planet to produce will be provided for your enjoyment,” said a spokesperson…At 7:30 p.m. the show begins in the sanctuary…At about 9 p.m. there will be delectable desserts from organic ingredients. Many recipes for appetizers and desserts will be available to take home. Organic coffees and teas will be served with dessert. This event is sponsored by the “Green Church Program” (a group promoting recycling, energy conservation, organic, vegetarian and alternative foods within Unitarian Universalist congregations). Admission for this evening is $20 (more or less if you are able).

It should be a really fun evening and I know there will be lots of good food. If you are in the area, come! AND if you are a student like me, don’t be scared away by the $20 suggested admission. Better for you to come and pay $10 than not come at all (remember it includes quite a bit of good food!). Also, bring the kids and talk the door person about a family rate. The more the merrier!

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