(One of the) Best Seminarian Blog(s) – Whoo-Hoo

Hey folks. Exciting stuff over at the UU Blog Awards. This little blog won first place in the seminarian blog category, but was nominated with several other seminarian blogs that are quite deserving of the award as well. So yay for all the nominees and winners. And thank you for those who voted for this little blog. Its been a fun year and amazing to read all the wonderful other thinkers and writers out there in this faith of ours. I’ve loved getting to know the blogging community and learned so much. And had some great laughs as well. Off to the library – I’m taking Explorations in the Colonial and Post-Colonial History of the Veil, and continuing three whole-year classes – a colloquium on religion and gender, my thesis writing (which counts as a class), and Early Christianities and the body. Exciting stuff. But lots of reading.

Much peace,

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