Summer 2008 Foster Kittens

Hi everybody. We are: Lilly, Oscar, Charlie, Romeo, Merrium and Bella and we are looking for loving homes. We’ll tell you some about each one of us and you can see our pictures too. Please note that all kittens must either be adopted in pairs, or adopted to a home that already has a kitty.

Lilly: My name is Lilly and I might be the sweetest, most cuddly cat you have ever met. I am the ultimate lap cat. I was probably someone’s pet from the time I was a baby kitten, and then they abandoned me. I was found roaming around a feral cat colony in Roxbury, very lonely and desperate for human care. Aside from cuddling and eating, I like to play with little balls and attack my step-brothers and sisters. I would like a home where my family has lots of love and attention to give to me. I am a Calico – mostly white with some orange and black mixed in, mostly on my tail! I am almost five months old.

Oscar: Like all my brothers and sisters, I was found running around Jamaica Plain wild as can be. However, I am was the first to become really cuddly and tame, mostly because our foster parents fed me these treats that I LOVED. I realized that if someone gives me such good treats, there is no reason to be scared. I like to play, lay in your lap, and purr as loudly as possible. (Oscar, below, loves to have his picture taken and to the right cuddles with his step-sister Lilly.)

Romeo (and Charlie, right): Me and my brother Charlie are still the most wild of this bunch, so we will either need a family with patience to do more socializing for us, or we will need to wait a few more weeks until we relax a little. We were wild when our foster-family got us and even with those yummy treats, we stay a bit nervous. However, when we are not fretting and being skittish, we love to cuddle with our step-sister Lilly and she will lick our ears for us which we really like. We also enjoy playing with the sparkling green ball, and sneaking cat treats when our foster parents are not looking. If you are patient with us and rub us a lot, we will purr, but we are still a little scared of people.

Romeo (below)


Merrium (and Bella): We are friendlier than our brothers Charlie and Romeo, but still a little more scared than our brother Oscar and step-sister Lilly. Merrium (that’s me) is an instant purring machine once you rub me and I also like my chin rubbed. I am a brown tabby. My sister Bella is a gray tabby, and she likes to be rubbed too, once you catch her! I am easy to catch if, say, you would like to feed me some TUNA. My number one favorite food. We would like to go to a loving home that will keep us forever, be very nice to us, and play with us and rub us a lot. Thank you. Our foster parents say we should be totally socialized in a week or two.

Bella (first)




Merrium (second)

Thanks for reading about us!

Adoption Info: We can only go to homes that are SURE they can keep us and provide vet care for our whole lives (it is so traumatic to be give up for adoption after having been street kittens!) and we need to go to indoor-only homes – safe and sound away from cars, other animals, and disease!

The adoption donation for each kitten is $125 which goes directly to our shelter to cover our expenses. At a great discount – the shelter loses money on every adoption! – our adoption donation includes spay/neuter (typically over $200 regular priced at a vet), distemper and rabies shots, deworming, earmite and flea treatment, and a check-up. There is a discount of $25 if you adopt two kitties.

VISITING US! If you would like to visit the crew of kittens, please email a little bit about yourself or your family. We will start seeing potential adoptive parents next Wednesday July 2. If you decide you would like to adopt one or two of us, the shelter requests that you fill out a simple adoption application where we check a vet reference and a personal reference to make sure that you will be a good home – it is hard to believe, but many people out there do not care well for their cats, and we want to make sure that the kitties go to a safe and loving home.

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