Update On The Abandoned Cats

A big big thank you to some very kind and generous folks who have contributed to the health care for the abandoned cats I wrote about a few posts ago. Abby is living with us and happy as can be, and I will pick up the four other cats tomorrow, and they will go to the vet on Thursday for a check-up and then on Sunday they will move into a very nice barn that is warm and where they will have all the food they could want (in fact, they could stand to go on a big of a diet – they are quite round, as you will see when I post pictures soon).

Dealing with their situation has led me to a lot of thinking on animals and how we should care for them. I feel prepared to have any of them euthanized if it is clear that he or she cannot enjoy a good quality of life – but if they are all healthy, I think they will have a very nice time as they live out their remaining years playing in the hay (they are staying in a hay barn) and eating and generally just hanging out. They will also get human interaction from the people who live in the house near the barn. I regret a little bit that they won’t be indoor/outdoor cats (as they were prior to their abandonment), but I still think they can be happy and enjoy life.

Thank you for all of those who have offered feedback and support – moral and financial!

Much peace,
Elizabeth (and Abby, J.R., Goldie, Calico, and Baby)

2 Responses to Update On The Abandoned Cats

  1. Justin says:

    Its nice to know that Abby is living happily n the 4 other cats have also got their new home.

  2. […] who left town and left her five cats behind to freeze to death (you might remember reading about it a few years ago on this blog). We found a home for one of the kitties, kept for a year and a half Marisol the […]

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