I love wordpress

Well, as soon as WordPress figures out how to allow me to import from “new blogger” I think I’ll be moving over there. Here is what I’m thinking about for my new home https://elizabethslittleblog.wordpress.com/. Feedback welcome. Of course, www.elizabethslittleblog.com will always be my main home, thanks to my amazing best friend who got me my own freakin’ domain name, but eventually I’ll do it through wordpress and not blogger. Hurry hurry wordpress. There are apparently more than just a few of us who want to move over to you as soon as we can import our stuff from blogger.

I hope google doesn’t read this and mess my blog up as revenge for leaving. If it isn’t here tomorrow, you know why.

One Response to I love wordpress

  1. Lydiawww.kylydia.wordpress.com says:

    I’m not sure when it will happen, which is why I did the whole link-through-to-new-blog thing.

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