Healthy Bodies

Periodically, I post pictures of celebrities here with some commentary. I feel as though I hardly need to include my commentary here, but I’ll do the work that People magazine would do if they were not falling down on the job: this is just too skinny. I don’t even know who Keira Knightley is, but she is so skinny she doesn’t look good. I know. I know. We should all know this, right? Yet, I know of ZERO women my age that do not struggle with body image and wish to be at least one or two sizes smaller if not 6 sizes smaller. And it is because pictures like this are in People magazine as if it is the most normal thing to be splashing around in the ocean looking like this. It is not normal and this needs to be said more. And internalized (the hard part, of course).

More substantive posts come when rough draft of thesis is done on Friday. But I will post some lovely pictures from our German adventure soon.

Remember – exercise, eat healthily, and love your body the way it was made to look – with some bumps and curves.

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