Phineas is sick :(

Our little foster kitten Phineas was sick when we got him – eye problems and his whiskers had fallen out and littler than his brothers and lethargic. We treated him with antibiotics and eye drops and his eye got a little better, but it is not all the way better and the situation is not looking good. He needs to see an cat ophthalmologist but even the diagnostics seem to be amazingly expensive and the shelter we foster Phineas through is running low on money. The doctor said that the worst case scenario is that he might have to have his eye removed, and it is questionable whether or not he can actually even see out of it, or if he will be able to in the future. Poor little guy. I was thinking about what to do about it, but it seems difficult to have a fundraiser or people donate money for ONE kitten, while lots of people go without essential healthcare. But he is just one of the sweetest cats ever. Ever. Say a little prayer for him…

2 Responses to Phineas is sick :(

  1. fausto says:

    Aww. When I was a kid we had a cat who lost an eye. Prayers ascending.

    If you put one of those PayPal buttons on your blog page, I think you’ll find that the blogosphere has a soft spot for cute furry little critters who suffer. (Philocrites did it at his site to raise some dough not long ago; ask him how if you need help.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Please check your Yahoo email account. We sent you a message about this.

    Our best to Phineas and you.

    – Friends

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