How many globes do you use?

So I did a sermon on the seventh principle last Sunday and on Wednesday went to a Green Church presentation at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Kingston, MA. I’m excited to see all the energy and enthusiasm around saving the planet. Although I still get the sense that there is not an understanding of how serious and urgent the situation is… and I feel like I am not doing a good job of conveying this in conversation nor in my sermons (another one coming up on Friday). I’m going to try to do a series of things on my blog that really presents the situation systematically and helps folks (as well as encourages me more) to understand what it is we need to do/can do. I think the showings of An Inconvenient Truth at various parishes will be great, but as I will post on soon, there are some serious gaps in the movie that I think folks need to be aware of.

For today, calculate your footprint. How many earths would we need if everyone on the planet lived like you do? Even given my almost-vegan diet, I still scored 3.6 planets. I think this is because I drive a lot (to church, and due to health issues, walking very much is not much of an option), and I fly too much (home to family in Ohio/Kentucky). And I eat too much processed food. Although, it didn’t take into account my recycling, the amount of heat we use, or steps toward energy efficiency. Still, even with that, I can’t imagine I would get down to less than three planets. Sigh. Gotta work harder on that. Less processed foods! More T riding! Less cheese!

2 Responses to How many globes do you use?

  1. UU Soul says:

    Hi Elizabeth :) I scored 2.8 planets. I eat too much packaged foods too. Sigh. I already planned to cook more for health reasons but hadn’t been thinking as much about how it affects my footprint. I don’t drive as much as the average LA metro resident because I live close to work, so that helps my footprint score. But I’m also flying more because my elderly parents who live on the other side of the country are having increasing health issues. I already offset my carbon footprint on a monthly basis through but strive to have a smaller footprint to offset!

  2. Anonymous says:


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