By Popular Demand: Kittens

A loyal reader requested more pictures of our little foster kittens, so here they are. If you are in the Greater Boston area and want two very sweet kittens, we have six for you to choose from… They were all found on the streets in Boston and our shelter is currently quite overun with late-summer kittens thus the reason we have so many. And just the right timing, too, as school and work starts for both W. and I. But duty calls. They said that the little guys would have to be put back out on the street if we couldn’t take them because so many of the foster homes are full…. Now for introductions…..

(Note that when this blog was imported from Blogger to WordPress the picture captions and pictures didn’t/don’t line up correctly and I’m not sure how to fix it. Sorry about that.)

This is Olivia – Long haired and very very sweet.

These are the three brothers – Phineas, Emerson (as in Ralph Waldo Emerson), and Theo. Theo is also the one looking up at the camera. Phineas is by far the smallest and might be a little sick. He’ll go to the vet this week to find out why most of his whiskers have fallen out and why he is more tired than the others.

This is Emerson and Phineas hanging out on some nice freshly folded pants. Right before I took this, Emerson was cleaning Phineas like a good big brother.

This is Edgar – Olivia’s brother – sleeping next to his litter box after a long day of playing. They have a sister named Quinn, but she is not a fan of pictures. More to come soon after she relaxes a little bit.

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