Loving those curves?

Okay. This is Scarlett Johansson. An actress. I saw a headline today that said:

Despite Media’s Efforts to Crush Her Confidence, Scarlett Still Likes Her Curvy Body

The first line of the blurb reads, “After having spent the last few years being plopped on magazine covers with headlines like, “Look Great at ANY Size!” Scarlett Johansson still loves her curves.”

Not knowing exactly what she looked like, I assumed she was a bigger actress. Clearly (see photo) she is not “bigger.” I mean, okay, she has curves, but she has probably size 6 curves. This is the person whom the media portrays as big(ish)? I just hate it that when you look like Ms. J. here, this somehow equals curvy which used to mean slightly rounder. Or just rounder, period. This is still skinny to me. Not sickly skinny, but still pretty darn small. The articles that quote Johansson as “loving her curves” essentially are saying, “Wow, that is so great that she has the confidence to still like her body the way it is,” as if it should somehow look different in order to be really worthy of self-confidence. Someone this size should not be “plopped on magazine covers that say ‘Look great at any size!'” Wow, you can even look great if you are a size 6. Now I feel much better. How ’bout you all?

Goddess save us.

2 Responses to Loving those curves?

  1. LaReinaCobre says:

    I don’t believe Scarlett Johannsen is even a size 6. I saw her in the Woody Allen movie Match Point, and I would guess that she is closer to a size 2.

    In Hollywood, having curves means having big boobs and your collar bone not jutting out of your neck like a hanger.

    Scarlett is beautiful, but she is hardly full sized. She’s 5’4″ and weighs about 115 pounds.

    Hollywood has, quite simply, lost its damn mind.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    You are right. I was being generous with size six. Hollywood has lost its mind and it is taking a lot of people with it – women who think they should look like Halle Berry and men who think being that size is sexy. Ugg.

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