Underweight Models Banned from Fashion Week in Madrid

Madrid fashion week, one of Spain’s most prestigious shows, is banning underweight models on the basis of their body mass index (BMI). I think that this is really wonderful and I hope that it is a trend that spreads. We are not talking about just very thin people here, but rather unhealthily thin women that are being literally paraded around saying “This is sexy. This is stylish.” I’m not against thin models. I am so against large numbers of too-thin models that give the sense that “this is the normal, and cool and sexy, way to look. Starve yourself. It’s hot.” You can read about it on BBC here.

One Response to Underweight Models Banned from Fashion Week in Madrid

  1. Joel Monka says:

    I so agree with you that this is an encouraging development, and hope it becomes a trend. Speaking for myself and most of the other men I know, while being on the lighter side of normal is sexy- primarily because of the clothes it allows women to wear, more than the actual inherent weight- professional model thin is no longer sexy. When I look at a runway model when she’s not on the runway (so that I don’t know her size is intentional) my first thought is not “She’s hot”, but “what a tragedy, to be struck at that age- I hope the chemo is successful.”

    By the way, it isn’t healthy, either- in fact, even the ideal weights quoted by doctors is so thin as to be unhealthy. How do I know? For a while I sold life insurance, and I learned that the Life Insurance companies have a completely different chart of ideal weights, and it’s 15-20 % heavier than the doctor’s charts- Google it for yourself and see. Why should one trust the Insurance companies, rather than your family doctor about what’s healthy? Because they KNOW how long people live; they pay out the checks!

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