Tax dollars paying for dancer for the marines. Great.

I know that since the war in Iraq costs about $1.1 billion every day, I should not be fretting about the relatively low cost of bringing dancers to entertain marines, but I still really don’t like it. I read about it in this article in The New York Times. I am all for doing things to keep the troops entertained and morale up. I’m not even against sexy female dancers in general, although I can’t say I love the idea either. But I am against the government paying for sexy female dancers to go to Iraq to entertain the troops and “keep morale up.” As if the military doesn’t already have enough problems with women being seen as equal, treated fairly, etc. If you read the article in the times alongside the case of Suzanne Swift eventually went AWOL from the military after being sexually harassed and treated just horrible clearly because she was a woman, then the whole having dancers flown in for the Marines seems even more problematic. Of course, it is a small blip on the screen of horrors related to Iraq and I don’t mean to minimize all the other much more tragic things that have happened. But still. I don’t like it one bit.

One Response to Tax dollars paying for dancer for the marines. Great.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you that this is hardly the best choice for entertainment, considering the on-going sexual harassment issues in the service. Apart from the obvious reasons you refer to, I think the choice also implies that we need to keep up the morale of the “guys”. I wonder how many of the homesick, demoralized women serving found this type of entertainment uplifting. It sure wouldn’t be my choice if I were there.

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