Megachurch talk over at LoFi Tribe

Lots of great church talk out there… and two posts in two days saying that liberal religious traditions might want to take a look at what conservative religious traditions are doing. Not in the sense of indoctrination (of course) but in terms of how megachurches and evangelical and fundamentalist Christian communities in general are growing because (I think) they are meeting people’s needs in some ways. Some of these ways religious liberals will never be able to match (we just can’t give you absolute, for certain answers about the nature of the universe), but some things we might be able to do. But that is another post. Or a past post, really.

The first “church talk” going on out there was over at The Journey on testimonies from yesterday, and today the post on megachurches over at LoFi Tribe where Shawn Anthony offers a few notes re: mega Churches and the philosophy of ministry so characteristic of them. He points out the the only reason for their success is not because it leads believers (attenders) to have an emotional experience. Agreed, this is not the only reason and it is perhaps an overemphasized reason – things are both more complex and more strategic than “just” emotion. But it is a pretty significant factor, in my opinion. Head over his blog to read more about megachurches. Based on my years in high school at a megachurch, he is pretty on target.

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