The Journey Writes about Elevator Speeches and Testimonies

Over at the blog The Journey Lizard Eater writes about how UUs might want to think more about developing a testimony rather than using our so-called elevator speeches. I won’t repeat her whole post and just say it is good and I think you should read it. And it just reinfornces what I’ve been saying for a while that we need to pay more attention to the way conservative Christianity is winning the hearts and minds of this country (and souls, if you will) by appealing to feelings and emotions. Reason just ain’t gonna do it, folks.

4 Responses to The Journey Writes about Elevator Speeches and Testimonies

  1. PeaceBang says:

    I don’t see this is a heart/mind issue. I see it as a question of where people find salvation. And frankly, I think there’s a limited audience for those who find salvation through congregational involvement. To me, witnessing to how great my church is is akin to regaling a stranger with stories about how much I love my friends and how much meaning they add to my life.

    They may be attracted at first, but then it’s gonna be, “Well, why should I join your friends?”

    Conservatives witness successfully because they claim that it is GOD who is changing their lives.

    I’m not suggesting that we should make the same claim, I’m just pointing out the difference in witnessing to the greatness of God and witnessing to the greatness of “my church.”

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the comment! For me, it isn’t about finding salvation through God OR your church. It is about having a transformed life or not, period. It is about telling a story rather than conveying information about what UUism is. So UUs can give the elevator speech about what UUism is and why it is a good religion, or they can tell the STORY about how UUism (and whatever comes with that for them – mindfulness, salvation, community, hope) has transformed their life – not “what it is.” That said, I think you are right that a transformed life through Jesus that will also for-sure transform your life too and offer not only transformation but salvation and eternal life, is, for many, more compelling than transformation through ______ (fill in the UU blank here) which typically isn’t understood or framed in terms of salvation or eternal life, two very appealing parts of Christianity for many, I think.

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