Making Progress in Ohio for Progressives – Take Back Cincinnati

I’ve been wondering what I can do for the midterm elections and I’ve found it. I’m originally from Ohio and there is a competitive race in Cincinnati between Republican incumbent Steve Chabot and the Democratic challenger John Cranley ( I’m going to be guest blogging on Cranley’s campaign blog Take Back Cincinnati and helping to do online campaigning where I can. I think Cranley is not just an acceptable alternative to a very unappealing Republican, but he is actually a really exciting candidate. For once, it isn’t the lesser of two evils, but there is actually a good choice.

Cranley lives in the Price Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati, which has traditionally been the neighborhood where Appalachian folks have migrated to in order to get jobs in the city. I love it that he lives IN the city with the folks. Cranley is also a graduate of Harvard Divinity School where I am currently studying and a place that I truly think does an excellent job of preparing people to think and reflect ethically. (He also graduated from Harvard Law School.) I really feel like he will do an excellent job as a member of the House of Representatives, giving the folks of Cincinnati the representation that they deserve. Of course, it is easy to do a much better job than Chabot who has, just to name a few things, continually advocated for a cut in estate taxes, has “serious reservations” about raising the minimum wage, has failed to criticize the Bush administration’s policies related to national security, voted to on allow school prayer during the so-called War on Terror (Nov 2001), and voted to make it a federal crime to transport minor girls across state lines in order to get an abortion. I could go on, but you get the picture.

Want to help get John Cranley elected? You can do your little part by writing a little blurb on your blog about him and linking to Do your part for Ohioans who deserve just, ethical representation in the House of Representatives.

One Response to Making Progress in Ohio for Progressives – Take Back Cincinnati

  1. RG in DC says:

    EG, thanks for promoting the cause. Take Back Cincinnati wants to hear any and all comments about the race and what people want to see Cranley doing. This is not about donations, its about your ideas and generating buzz. I encourage people to get involved and start blogging.

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