I Don’t Believe in Postfeminism

In a short little interview with the Andi Zeisler one of the co-founders of the magazine Bitch (a feminist critique of pop culture), the New York Times person (as is typical for the Times and other mainstream publications) asks her about a character on television who “is a more of a postfeminist who instinctively takes control in a world mismanaged by men.” Awesome Andi responds,

“I don’t believe in postfeminism.” And then she goes on to say a little more, but I love it that she just cuts right to the chase and refuses to except that semi-salivatingly said question about the end of feminism (is it finally over?). Dowd does this in the Times too. I get so sick of hearing that because feminism today doesn’t look like feminism of the 70s, it must not really be feminism. Women must finally be liberated now, ehh? And they can just go back to being normal women instead of those nasty feminists.

This reminds me that I need to post a review of Manifesta. For now, just keep saying it,

“We don’t believe in postfeminism.”

4 Responses to I Don’t Believe in Postfeminism

  1. LaReinaCobre says:

    Here, here.

  2. LaReinaCobre says:

    Or is that, “Hear, hear?”

  3. naremannn says:

    we no need an education

  4. […] mean to take this out on her. But this is one of the huge problems with so-called post-feminism (which I think is absolute BS) – apparently, in at least some forms, either blinds you to inequality and sexism when you see it […]

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