Max and Harriet, the two sweetest kittens ever

July 1, 2006

We are Max and Harriet – brother and sister and we are looking for a permanent home together. Our foster parents say that we are the two sweetest foster kittens they have every had and really they would like to keep us but just don’t have enough room for us, but they want us to go to a very loving and nice home. We were originally with a not-very-nice family that called the shelter and gave us to the shelter. Boy, we were glad to get out of that house! If you come over, we can tell you the sad story. Now we are about 14 weeks old and very playful and we love to cuddle. We will be available for adoption on July 10. We are getting fixed and getting all our shots and tests on July 6. Did we mention that our foster parents adore us? They espeically like it because we cuddle them and do lots of cute things when we play and we are so friendly. If you think you can give us lots of love and a safe, long-term home, and you will take us together (we can’t be seperated! we are best friends), please email our foster mom. Our spay/neuter, tests and shots are included in the adoption fee which is $100 each ($200 for both of us). Even though it might seem like a lot, it is much less than the cost if we were to have all our tests and checkups and spay/neuter at the regular price at a vet. Please email our foster mom and her a little bit about yourself and she will be in touch about a time for you to visit us. Looking forward to hearing from you. From: Max and Harriet

Below: Harriet after a long day of playing, Harriet and Max playing and jumping the air, and the brother and sister resting together.