Lack of Posts

Friends and readers, The lack of posts lately comes from a bit of a feeling of “what good could it possibly do.” I know, I know. Blogs are not meant to change the world, rather it is just one way to learn, share thoughts, etc. But, with the Middle East sort of crumbling into madness and the increasing realization that the Bush administration is really not just a bad presidency but is, in many ways, doing deep deep irreparable harm to our country, democracy and world… well, it just feels a little miniscule to post my thoughts here while Rome is burning, so-to-speak. Also my internet is not acting correctly, which makes it even more annoying for things not to load or to time out, etc. But, never fear, I will be back. If anyone thinks of a way to do something about all the madness around us (the globe heating up, the U.S. torturing people regularly, Israel and that whole situation, Iraq, Iran, AIDS in Africa, etc.) do post a comment here or post a suggestion on your own blog. I know, I know. We can only do our small little resistances and hope for the best. But that sure is feeling inadequate right now. I just have this really strong feeling that my children will say, “Mama, tell us again what it was like during the Bush regime,” and I will tell them that my response was to blog about it and lament about it every day. And preach a sermon on it every once in a while. And they will wonder why we didn’t do more and I will try to explain that we didn’t know what to do. Except by then the Middle East will have imploded, there will be no more California or Florida, or Amsterdam or Venice or New Orleans (they will all be under water because Antarctica has melted) and democracy will be something we use with quotes around it in the U.S. As in the U.S. “democracy.” As Chalice Chick often says on her blog, sigh.

p.s. Sorry if this depresses anyone. I will be more optimistic soon. Sometimes I just run out of optimism juice.

One Response to Lack of Posts

  1. Rebecca says:

    I read your blog for optimism!

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