Mira would like a home

I’m sorry for those of you who are not animal lovers or cat lovers, but this is another cat post. Mira is one of our foster kittens and we’re looking for a home for her (as well as for Max and Harriet – see post a few days ago). Please do feel free to pass these posts onto anyone in the Boston area that you think would be a good cat parent and might have interest. We have a long tradition of placing our foster kittens in homes of people we know and love to hear about them years later seeing how they grow up to be great companion animals. I should do a “Where are they now?” series for all 27 cats we’ve adopted out over the last 4 years. Anyway, Mira is sitting here and will dictate her ad to me – just a note for those of you that might ever need to find a home for a companion animals – ones written in the first person bring in far more responses. Okay, here’s Mira….

Hi there. My name is Mira and I’m a 20 week old kitten that is looking for a nice home. I am an all black girl with a few little white hairs on my chin. I have had sort of a hard life. I was found on the streets and then I had TWO foster homes prior to the one I am in now, which is my third. The first home didn’t really have much time to get to giving me attention and loving me, so I wasn’t learning how to trust people so I moved to another home. In my second foster home, there were 13 other foster cats and I was just too scared and nervous with all those cats running around. I like cat friends, but 13 was just too many! I needed individual, gentle, loving attention which I have finally gotten in my current home. I am looking for a permanent home where I can stay for the rest of my life! It is hard on a little kitten to move around so much. My interests involve cuddling, playing, eating, and taking naps. I would like to go to a home with another friendly cat because I think I would get lonely if I lived without any playmates. It takes me a little while to get used to people and cats, but once I relax, I like to purr and purr and cuddle and cuddle. I might be able to go to a home where I was the only cat if there is someone who is at home almost all of the time. If you think that you would like to adopt me, please email my foster mom and tell her about yourself and she will help set up a time for you to come and visit me. Thank you very much for reading my adoption ad. Sincerely, Mira the cat

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