Prepare Jesus is Coming

We saw this driving the other day. What is interesting is that this person had to go out and get these letters and write this out themselves. This was not premade. Imagine that to do list. 1) Pick kids up from school. 2) Clean kitchen 3) Get stick-on letters to put on car to warn world of the coming end times. I always wonder if people like this really think that this will help convert people or if this is just a way to announce who they are.

4 Responses to Prepare Jesus is Coming

  1. Chalicechick says:

    My aunt worked for the Presbyterian church for many, many years. About the time she retired, I presented her with a bumper sticker that said “Jesus is coming, look busy.”

    She loved it. She still loves it. Every time she gets a new car she asks me to find her another one.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve seen those. They crack me up.

  3. Charlie Talbert says:

    This calls to mind a bumper sticker for sale at GA: “non-Judgment Day is coming.”

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I love “Non-Judgment Day is Coming.” May it be so!

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