Can I just say…

…how uncomfortable I am with the fact that almost everyone who waits on me (Starbucks, hotel, convention center) is a person of color? I notice this at every conference I go to and I hate it. Things are still so not fair in this country. And it makes me feel freaking guilty. And angry. And helpless. I overcompensate by being very friendly, which of course is soooo not adequate. Nor is giving extra tips.

And I’m glad UUs are talking about it, but I will be even happier when our denomination is not mostly white, relatively well-off people.

Off to the next plenary. I’m kind of excited to see what happens.

2 Responses to Can I just say…

  1. Alex says:

    I understand your discomfort…’cause it occurs to me just going down to Taco Bell.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The general consensus is that Marx is irrelevant, but if all these devalued people living these marginal lives just to get by could get together and organize and go to Washington holding pictures of Bushians in their palatial estates or eating one hundred dollar meals at trendy restaurants, why wouldn’t everyone rise up in righteous indignation and say This is not fair.
    Things need to change at a very basic level. Perhaps that is part of the price of an illiterate populace.

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